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Today, mCommerce is changing the ways businesses interrelate with their customer’s providing incredible opportunities to offer new services, establish new revenue streams, and create one to one relationship. Over traditional ecommerce, it has several advantages due to its particular integral characteristics such as personalization, convenience, flexibility, time efficiency, security, and so much more. It also promises greater efficiency excellent business market potential and higher return on investments.

Jobin&Jismi offers a broad range of services in the area of mobile commerce application development, such as creating WAP and HTML based mobile sites, enabling existing website to become mobile friendly, building custom native mobile commerce applications and providing push notification solutions on iOS, Android and Windows Phone platforms. No matter where you are, our mCommerce solutions let you conduct mobile transactions seamlessly.

Our mcommerce developers can help you execute advanced mobile commerce solution with our secure transaction over smartphones and tablet computers. The benefits of our customized mCommerce services include new opportunities for business, cost savings, clients’ satisfaction and the ability for the consumers to use it everywhere. Our mCommerce developers can make available you with these solutions, thus you can truly recognize your customer and advertise the exact message at the right time to the right person.