15 Jan, 2020

Fortify your Business Processes with NetSuite Workflows

Netsuite workflows inherent in dealing with building a powerful tool that allows a user to automate the processes interlinked in their business. NetSuite workflow makes it easier for the business firms to uniquely build their business with more easily accessible stands with limited intervention of script. The assigned structure for each workflow reduces uncertainties associated within a business processes. The term workflow can be used interchangeably as suiteflow in a Netsuite contextual setting. 

    This unique process which provides the Netsuite developers as well as customers to make the process easy to use, customize and automate the business processes properly and effectively.
    With netsuite workflow it is possible to create and automate the following functions including collections management, sales discounting approval, purchase order approval and many other functions.

    Netsuite workflows implanting a unique structure which in turn has the capacity of rapidly deploying the workflows in response to changing business needs. Automate business processes such as lead nurturing, sales discounting approval, travel authorizations and more can be added in the Netsuite workflow. It can enhance the improvement and responsiveness by enabling continual tracking of various steps in a business process.

    Netsuite workflows readily maximize the business process agility by allowing ad hoc workflow changes. It is better to process graphical workflow management. And it is possible to build and maintain workflows. It enhances the system of workflow states, actions, rules and other conditions.

    It has powerful workflow capabilities. And having easily specified the triggering events that initiate a workflow, such as when records are viewed, created, or updated—or schedule workflows to run automatically. The states of the events and records will pass through in the course of the workflow, and define conditional actions to occur when the record enters each state. Using a drag-and-drop tool can diagram each of the steps in the business process.

    Custom processes allow you to include the items that are unique to your business, such as a step that requires approval from a specific employee or client. Suite Flow will help in associating the record with a workflow of evaluations and transactions that guide the estimate to completion.

    Workflows can be created and can be customized to fit the needs of your company. Once it is created so that it can be available for editing, defining and can be used in the transition of the workflow process. In NetSuite workflow, there is one feature called the workflow definition page so that it can be available to create and edit workflow.

    With the help of NetSuite workflow which makes it possible to create, update or can view or schedule, workflow on a timeline and cadence while the user is set. It’s possible to set conditions or custom formulas to define requirements in place for the workflow to initiate.

    The diagrammed feature of the workflow which allows us to add and edit various states and transitions using a JavaScript-based editor. And it helps in identifying and stating the transitions which will happen in each step of the workflow from start to end. And can also organize and reorganize the information to suit the business that we are working on.

    The Context Panel lets us create and edit states, actions, and transitions for custom fields. It provides a summary of action properties and acts as a useful tool for tracking each stage of your custom workflows.

    Some Basic advantages of having NetSuite workflow

    Netsuite workflow can easily be created and built for any unique business processes to embrace. The following are some of the key benefits of the netsuite workflows.

    • Helps to bring your specific business processes into NetSuite ERP
    • It will stop the manual processes
    • Helps to build and customize unique model tailored for any businesses
    • Offers graphical interface
    •  Minimal intervention of  suite script
    • Employees can easily access, create and modify the workflow

    Workflows  give NetSuite more user friendly experience even without much technical and script based knowledge for its users.

    It’s into enhancing the whole process of business structure and can better be creating a structure which provides a more responsive way. This in turn provides a wide array of possibilities to overcome the challenges in creating a structure.