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31 Jul, 2019

Online to Offline Commerce (O2O): How Business Can Treat Both Online and Offline Channels?

In this digital era, all are into market their business through online that arises a new effective business marketing strategy -Digital Marketing. The term Online to Offline (O2O) commerce having a greater significance here. O2O commerce is a two-way process between online and offline businesses that mainly focuses on e-commerce business activities. With O2O, in the future, if you feel like to experience the quality of a product then you can search it in the nearby stores. Once you find and experience it, you can scan and find the rate and discounts in the future.

Online to Offline: Makes consumers to  reach the physical market from the digital market. They also identify customers through online tools like emails, internet advertising etc. Which further uses other tools and techniques to entice the customers to offline shops. The idea behind online to offline is that it provides the awareness of a product and reveals the offerings online, then allows the customer to purchase from mortar stores.

Offline Marketing: Offline marketing does not involve online techniques such as social media, email, blogs etc. Some samples of offline marketing are physical advertising, cold calls, direct mail, and speaking engagements.

Techniques Used by Online to Offline (O2O) Commerce Companies

• In-store pickup of items purchased online
• Purchase a product online while being at the shop.
• Allows returning an item at a physical store which is purchased online.

Benefits of O2O Commerce Business

• Promotes brand reputation
• Enhance customer loyalty
• Increase revenue
• Accelerates speed of market by minimizing the time to market.
• Reach new customers as fast
• Increase overall sales

Online to Offline (O2O) capability of NetSuite SuiteCommerce Advanced (SCA)

Nowadays, most of the e-commerce companies are getting clients through omnichannel strategy. They are adopting Online to Offline (O2O) commerce model for acquiring clients and believe that O2O commerce is the next level of e-commerce business development. Oracle NetSuite is having an omnichannel module called Suitecommerce, which makes a best in class B2B and B2C eCommerce sites which further enhances customer journey within sales channels. This module can connect e-commerce websites with physical stores through NetSuite advanced modules like inventory management, order management, bookkeeping, marketing and also customer services. Jobin And Jismi IT Services LLP is implementing NetSuite Suitecommerce Advanced (SCA) Which helps to produce omnichannel commerce solutions for business.

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