Fulfilled Item Reports

The Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) applications help to integrate business activities across its functional area. It also improves the performance of the internal business environment. Nowadays most of the business organizations need their ERP to be customized but there are few products such as NetSuite has true customization capabilities to meet specific business requirements. As a result, it can achieve competitive business differentiation.

One of our clients wanted to use the NetSuite customization capability for developing a true custom report called Fulfilled Item Reports. In this customization, we are creating a report that will show the details of fulfilled items. This report contains all the fulfilled items from all sales orders. This report also provides an ability to fulfil more orders at a time.


There is no native method to get a report of items from all sales orders which have been fulfilled.Here comes the need of ‘Fulfilled Item Reports’. To achieve the client requirement we have introduced a system with new user interface using NetSuite basic customization. It is a UI for selecting date filter and to create the report. The user needs to select the date filter and also other filters if any. Finally, the report mails to the entered email address.

Our Solution for Fulfilled Item Reports

By clicking the ‘Fulfilled Items Report’ tab, it opens a page that shows the orders and filters in default. We can now fill the filters as our requirement and take the data. Here we can check the orders if any to fulfil.  For the development, we use the saved search and suite script functionalities of NetSuite. The search result displays as a sublist with predefined information. Initially, all the items checked. If the user didn’t select any item and press the submit button, then it displays an error alert. An email sends to the corresponding mail address. The mail has an attachment to the report in excel format.


Our expert team of NetSuite developers create a system with an effective UI that allows the user to enter the filters and finally to get the fulfilled item reports as an excel sheet.

The generated report includes information as follows:
    • SKU
    • Display Name
    • Quantity
    • Price
    • Total line Item
    • Vendor code
    • Vendor Price

    It is less expensive while customising an ERP application instead of building one from scratch. We ensure high-quality products than quantity. With cloud-based NetSuite ERP and its customizations reports, our client can move their business to great success.

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