Multiple Units of Measure (UOM) in NetSuite

Client Portfolio 

Remember the days when our parents forced us to eat soaked nuts and dried fruits when we were unaware of the importance of health. But now the times have changed, and so has the eating style. People are more bothered about their health and healthy eating. The leading wholesaler of nuts and dried fruits, based in Uttar Pradesh; India, is efficiently serving the munching needs of healthy eaters since 2005.

They had a vast variety of nutritious nuts and dry fruits including roasted almonds, roasted and salted pistachio, Raisins, crispy beetroot, spiced okra chips and more. They are engaged in retailing agricultural raw materials, food, and beverages. 

In the 90s, they were a tiny walnut processing unit that catered to both export and Indian markets in a small but distinct style, vending quality walnuts that excellently satisfied customers' expectations. Their ongoing patronage was vital to the successful business they followed.

Through the launch of bactopure, they turned into India’s first brand that follows the international standards of hygiene and purity for nuts and dried fruits. They use the latest technology to make sure that their products are completely free from any hazardous bacteria and viruses.

They recorded a growth of 25% in revenue to Rs 900 crore on March 31, 2022, the year-end. They are among the biggest exporters of dried fruits and essential nuts in India, thanks to their prominence in quality and hygiene. They have an effective global network that helps them deliver walnuts, dried fruits, morels and other items across 35 countries. They have the ability to import the most delectable nuts and dried fruits in the world at an affordable price for the Indian market.

Problem Statement

As the leading wholesaler of nuts and dried fruits in India, they have to deal with complicated business processes spending extra time and energy on it. In order to streamline their business operations, they brilliantly chose NetSuite ERP.

With the assistance of Jobin&Jismi, they successfully implemented NetSuite as well as identified a few steps which needed customization.

The customer has a peculiar business arrangement. One of the subsidiaries of the group is the manufacturer of nuts and dry fruits and the other subsidiary procures the products from the manufacturer and acts as the retailer.

Since both subsidiaries are functioning on NetSuite, intercompany transactions are taking place. Here lies the actual problem. The unit of measure (UOM) of the company which manufactures the dried fruits and nuts is kilograms and the UOM of the retail subsidiary is pieces.

The real problem is, NetSuite allows intercompany transaction UOM mapping but we cannot convert. This scenario was actually a pain point for the group as they could not clearly understand the conversion and calculate the end product quantity. The sales data mismatch was obvious. They practiced manual conversion using a predefined conversion matrix and it was time consuming, error prone, and tedious. The parent company has to spend many resources and money daily to tackle this problem. 

Therefore, our customer required us to find a way to create the purchase order in pieces when the sales order in kilograms is created simultaneously. By which they can have a definition in which they can purchase in pieces from where it is sold in kilograms. Jobin&Jismi customized NetSuite to fulfil this requirement.

What We Suggested

The Jobin&Jismi team gladly embraced this opportunity to support this fabulous business and its ambitious vision. Our team helped them through providing the following services. 

A thorough analysis of the requirements and business processes of the customer helped our team to rapidly formulate the solution. Employing a proprietary method our developers customized a form in the purchase order for intercompany transactions. Using this method, we developed two other proprietary solutions in the transaction forms. This facilitated the intercompany transactions in two UOMs, that is, in pieces and in kilograms. Thus, successfully fulfilled the requirement of the client, with real-time accessibility.

The major challenge our team confronted during this customization was that it is impossible to make any changes to the existing system. It was easy for us to implement an entirely new system but major businesses are happening in the current system. Therefore, it was mandatory to maintain the system without making any changes to it.

The brilliant team of Jobin&Jismi mitigated this risk through creating a demo solution and displaying them how it works. They also gave us their valuable suggestions and specific requirements, so that we can include them in the customization.

Our multiple member team successfully completed the customization within a brief period of three months.

Customer Success

Through our excellent consultation, they enjoyed more benefits and that includes: 

Earlier they required a team of resources to manually convert the UOM of more than 5000 items. Now, with this customization, the conversion is made possible within minutes using a minimum number of resources. 

Gained insight into the profit and loss report availability in NetSuite. In addition, they figured out how to use it effectively in future business processes.

Grasped the ability to forecast profit and loss in business. Thereby increasing their ROI.

Before NetSuite, they were using systems including HDPOS, Tally, and Uniware which necessitates extra effort and time. Post NetSuite all the processes including accounting, inventory and financials are facilitated in a single platform.

Sales orders are simultaneously created with the formation of purchase orders.

The time and resources spent on all these processes can be saved for other highpriority processes in turn enhancing productivity and sales.

The enhancement of productivity and sales through the excellent NetSuite customization offered by Jobin&Jismi, they can streamline their operations, and continue their success journey seamlessly.

Over time, they can grow their business further, hit their goals, advancing their noble cause of satisfying the munching desires of the world with nutritious and flavorful nuts and dried fruits.

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