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24 Jul, 2019

Customize the error message in login page

Customize the error message in login page


While I was creating a website using Suitebuilder in Netsuite I  have faced a problem. In the login page the error message was displayed during incorrect email or password login was like this “Incorrect Email or Password. Please correct your email and password, or Register if you are a new customer.” I wanted to remove the “or Register if you are a new customer” from the error message. I found a simple way to do this.

The steps that  I had followed are given below.

  1. Go to Setup> SiteBuilder > Customize Text
  2. Click Customize on the assigned text group to your web store.
  3. After opening it you can see several tabs. From there select the Error messages tab.
  4. In the Default text section you can see the particular error message in your login page.
  5. In the Customize text section just opposite to your error message type the new message that you want to see in your login page.
  6. Click save.

This is it. This way you can customize any text messages as you want.

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