28 Sep, 2020

Make Business Easier Via Remote NetSuite Implementation

The unexpected pandemic outbreak resulted in the derailing of the fast-moving business sector all around the world. This resulted in a huge economic setback and a barrier to development. However, the economic sector quickly adapted the situation and crafted its operations accordingly. Thanks to modern technology for its role in rescuing many businesses and delivering unstoppable inputs to leverage growth. 

An optimized cloud ERP solution like NetSuite made a remarkable movement during the sudden pandemic attack. The businesses could challenge the associated obstacles and delivered a seamless flow to run its operations across the globe at any time.  NetSuite has undiminishable benefits and features which can create a parallel environment for effective business operations.

Remote NetSuite Implementation Methodologies

As NetSuite ERP resides in a cloud-based system, businesses can implement the same effortlessly with the help of a NetSuite implementation partner. 

Jobin & Jismi maintain a well-designed methodology to implement NetSuite ERP to extend maximum benefits through NetSuite implementation. 

We are following a 5 phase implementation mode. Each of these phases has developed in such a way which doesn’t require on-site business implementation. 

Phase 1: Business Assessment and Analysis

During this phase, our NetSuite consultants connect with your business team initially with a set of questionnaires to natively retrieve the pieces of information related to the nature of the business process and operations. Again for receiving the best results, we will conduct elaborative discussions with our experts and document the requirements, and submit the same for client approval. The documentation also includes requirements on customization, integration implementation prerequisites, and all other business concerns. All these processes are curated and done by following a remote working pattern through online file shares, virtual meetings, discussions, and so on. Upon the approval and confirmation, we will proceed to the next phase.

Phase 2: Project Design and Configuration Patterns

The project design and configuration phase is considered as the critical stage of a NetSuite Implementation process. Concerning the business analysis and the detailed documentation completed in the phase, our consultants are rigorously involved in processing the project design and patterns to configure business processes with NetSuite. 

NetSuite consultants work by optimizing and mapping all the business operations, workflows, activities, forms, and structure with NetSuite as well in the sandbox (testing) environment. All the required customizations and workflows are being completed within optimum accuracy.

Phase 3: Validation

Once the Netsuite project design and configuration is completed, another important aspect that needs optimum care and concern is validations of configured functions. We have designed 2 sub-phase processes for doing the same. This process is also accomplished remotely.  In the first phase of testing, we validate the NetSuite system internally based on the approved documentation.

In the second phase, it is based on user acceptance testing. The client provides access to NetSuite and allows us to perform transactions and other aligned functions to ensure the proper working of the system. We proceed to phase 4 based on the outcomes.

Phase 4: User Training

A successful NetSuite implementation will complete only if the end-users receive adequate training to run and manage the system by themselves. So we aim to equip the employees with the skills and knowledge needed to use the system appropriately. We have extensive online tools to provide rigorous user training if the customer is implementing the system remotely. We empower all the end-users to handle the system effortlessly.

Phase 5: Go-live

Upon the approval of the User Acceptance Testing. The pre-designed and configured functions pull into the production environment. The roles and permissions will be set up and provide access to users. The deployment of the functions done remotely as NetSuite resides on the cloud system without any on-site assistance.

Phase 6: Post-Live Support

Post live support is the last but the critical stage in the implementation. We extend post live support to the clients with free of cost. We provide optimization of processes and client support remotely based on the emerging needs and requirements.

NetSuite ERP empowers businesses to seek better advantages through its cloud-based capabilities, it has the seamless Remote Implementation methodologies, providing optimized solutions to increase business efficiencies. NetSuite ERP can retrieve the best results using remote working tools, and also with the power of Cloud computing, NetSuite can implement effectively within your business without any unprecedented errors or process delays.

How Jobin & Jismi Can Help Your Business?

If you’re thinking of implementing NetSuite during this period, we can guide you on the right path. We are potentially working on deploying NetSuite ERP remotely at different client locations, distributed across the world.  With our expertise service deliverance, we can transform your business with the magic of Cloud computing from the legacy of NetSuite, the world's fastest-growing, Cloud- ERP platform. If you wish to proceed further on understanding the successful deployment of  Oracle NetSuite remotely, send your queries to contactus@jobinandjismi.com and get a free consultation at the earliest.