14 Aug, 2020

NetSuite Implementation Process

Planning for a NetSuite Implementation? If you are, it is important to consider important aspects of the implementation process. No matter what your business is the NetSuite implementation process is always a crucial task and should take a serious approach. The implementation procedure is usually carried out with the following steps;

1. Planning and Preparation
2. Configuration and Data Migration
3. Testing and Training
4. Go Live
5. Post Live Support

Before proceeding with a Netsuite implementation process, you have to comprehend many things. No matter how much money and time you are going to invest in implementation, finding the best partner to run the process serves in the first place.

What is NetSuite Implementation?

Netsuite Implementation is the process of translating your conventional business practices into Netsuite. Companies primarily invest in an ERP system to make proper and advanced control over the business process. The Netsuite ERP delivers the businesses competitive advantages on process efficiency, enhanced performance, real-time visibility, and so on. 

Netsuite execution can be quite complex; because it involves a series of actions.

What Do You Need to Know?

Netsuite implementation can be simply defined as a process of aligning your legacy business system with Netsuite. 

NetSuite helps its users to effectively deal with the business via computerizing many back office capacities identified in stock, financials, and client connection by moving your authoritative information over to the NetSuite ERP. 

The procedure involves designing a system to match up directly for your business needs. There are numerous ways you can make this process successful. 

Netsuite implementation brings various advantages to your business process. 

Process Efficiency
Business Intelligence
Customer Visibility
Optimized Business Process
Improved Business Performance
Progressive Growth

Stages in NetSuite Implementation Process

Netsuite implementation comprehends the following stages.

We need to create a well-executed plan before the proceeding of the Netsuite implementation process.  Netsuite implementation success determines how well the activities in all these stages are performed.  

These stages are standardized processes that together constitute the success of a Netsuite implementation. Jobin & Jismi follow these stages very strictly, providing competitive advantages to business enterprises on Netsuite implementation success.

1. BRD Preparation

Once the decision has Once your business decides to start with the implementation process, we’ll be involved in the process of creating a business requirement document. It holds the details of the business solution for this implementation project. It emphasizes on the required expectations of the customer.

2. Configuration

You'll take part in many work meetings during your NetSuite execution. Plot out each business situation, and figure out how those requirements will convert into NetSuite best practices (circulation, account, CRM, etc.).

3. Implementation Team

The partners devoted a group of resources for running the implementation. The organization also set up an internal implementation team to enhance the communication between the needs and concerns of both partners and organizations.

The committed group begins to see new upgrades and talks about if there are any missing procedure holes.

4. Setup

During this phase, the designing and configuration of NetSuite aligning with business will take place.  The process involves customizations, integrations, and other company stipulated needs.

5. Data Migration

Data is the base element of the business. It counts the future and business success. Data migration should conduct and complete with maximum accuracy. Improper data migration will cause the ultimate damage. So make sure that Every bit of information from the old framework is currently translated in NetSuite.

6. Validation and Testing

During this phase, preconfigures functions, and business actions in the sandbox environment undergo rigorous testing and validations. Once approved with the user acceptance testing and internal validations of the configured functions, it will be tailored to fit the business framework.

7. Preparation Phase

The whole organization begins getting prepared on adopting  NetSuite to its business framework. Thus the businesses are ready enough to accept the changes in NetSuite ERP.  During this phase, partners ensure that all the business processes are being prepared enough to take off to the production environment.

8. Go Live

The Go-live is the process of deploying pre-designed and configured functions into the production environment. The roles and permissions will be set up and provide access to users. The process will start its operation on the production environment upon the deployment of functions.  

9. Training 

Training is an essential phase during the Netsuite implementation.  It is the process of teaching the new and present employees the necessary skills they need to perform their jobs in Netsuite effectively. The efficiency of employees in handling the Netsuite ERP accelerates and strengthens your business growth. 

10. Post-Go-Live Support

Sometimes businesses may need additional support from the implementation partners after the go-live. Sometimes they may feel initial difficulties in understanding the business processes. The post-implementation support stages carry all these worries of businesses and assist them in blending with Netsuite. Jobin & Jismi provides one-year post-implementation support free of cost. 

Netsuite can help you to make your business stand out in the crowd. It helps you to achieve your business goals and mark highly efficient results. The digitalization of business is a real necessity. Netsuite ERP caters to all these needs and may help you to achieve maximum results. 

Once you decide to go with Netsuite implementation, what you need is the best Netsuite implementation partners to take away your business worries.

Together We Can

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