30 Sep, 2020

NetSuite ERP Software Implementation Challenges

If you’re looking for a promising business future, NetSuite is the right ERP solution to approach. NetSuite ERP has the potential to unlock the growth and progress of the business.  It is the best cloud-based business management solution that is highly progressive and affordable.  

NetSuite implementation consists of a complex set of activities. The accurate execution of the project and related activities acting as an implementation success factor. It is true that sometimes companies may face many constraints while implementing NetSuite ERP.  

The challenges may arise right from automation to revenue recognition, and to scaling and customer service.

Let’s review the potential challenges companies might face during the implementation.

1. Inefficient NetSuite Implementation Partner

NetSuite implementation partner has a major role to play in the implementation success. An inefficient implementation partner may cause you to experience the implementation failure. You are stuck between the process and unable to translate business goals into NetSuite’s benefits.

2. Overlooking Training

Training is as important as translating business functions in NetSuite. If you do not provide your employees with adequate training, your implementation and the aim of your business success may still stay at its risk.

3. Improper Documentation

“ if it isn’t documented it doesn't exist”. Proper documentation is very important in understanding the functions in the future, it can act as a reference and a foundation stone for future upgrades and system changes. Without proper documentation, people cannot understand functions underlined and the knowledge of running the business with NetSuite.

4. Data Cleansing

Data is very crucial when it concerned with business. Data migration is a time-consuming process, it needs to be complete accurately. Once the data is transferred to the hands of NetSuite implementation partners, they are supposed to process the data before migration. Even the small errors in data cleansing might have larger impacts on the business process. 

5. Not Utilizing the Sandbox Tool

A sandbox tool provides a testing environment for the developed functions, so the functions can experiment and test in the fields of the sandbox tool before its execution. Executing the functions directly to your production account may cause major difficulties. So a  sandbox tool always ensures the revision control and testing of the developed functions in NetSuite. By not utilizing a sandbox tool effectively, you are taking a higher risk.

6. Disregarding Employees Opinions

Your business, to be precise, is running through the hands of the workforces that you hire. They are supposed to know the nooks and corners of your business process. While proceeding with NetSuite implementation, it is a best practice to give ears to employees' opinions and their valid suggestions. Disregarding their opinions would have real-time effects on your business’s working effectiveness.

7. Failing to Establish a Good Implementation Team

A good implementation team consists of internal employees from the business enterprise and the external team of NetSuite implementation practitioners,  heading your implementation process.  It is mandatory to build engaging communication with your implementation partners. It will bring the best results.  A good working relationship with the implementation team helps to minimize associated errors during the implementation process. 

By taking care of little, yet some important key things will have a positive impact on running your implementation into a great success. To avoid the challenges by taking rightful actions and create strategies to accomplish the ultimate business success with NetSuite.

How We Can Help!

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