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18 Jul, 2019

Sublists in NetSuite Workflows

To meet the customer demands constantly, NetSuite becomes hyper-relevant and introduces Workflows to find ultimate solutions. NetSuite Workflows – improves business functionalities in its complete confidence. It meets the evolving customer expectations quickly. Therefore, which encourages to working with sublists in NetSuite Workflows –  and this advanced feature of NetSuite focuses on building, scale, and test any type of requirements to meet the necessary business demands.

NetSuite Workflows

NetSuite Workflows also called Suite flows are one of the best characteristics of NetSuite. It helps to manage internal business processes. This powerful business tool – is the definition of the custom business process of a standard record in NetSuite. These are the maestro in simple customizations and approval algorithms. NetSuite enables workflow feature for the customization of standard functionalities in NetSuite account. They are the best alternative to suite scripts. Furthermore, the new release of NetSuite allows us to enhance the sublist on transaction record using workflows.

NetSuite Workflows contain stages and states of a record as it moves through a business process. Depending on business requirements workflows can move between states and transitions. They can learn and understand easily while suite scripts are little more complex to work with. Furthermore, they do not require a syntactic background.

Sublists in NetSuite Workflows

While the workflow action script became part of NetSuite workflow, it took a huge leap and became the strongest tool in this ERP. With the scripts, working on sublists can achieve. Again, this was not a standard method as scripts only dealt with a custom action. NetSuite supports sublists in NetSuite workflows and it introduces four actions which support the sublist actions. It uses Sublist Action Group to execute actions on sublist lines as part of workflows for transaction records. A Sublist Action Group is a group of actions assigned to a workflow state that is to be executed in each line of a sublist.

To set the values for record body fields, custom workflow state fields, and sublist fields, the ‘set field value’ action is in use. ‘Create record’ action lets to create a new record. ‘Send email’ action let to send an email for each line item. ‘Return user error’ action returns the user error for the record. Furthermore, Sublist Action Group can be executed on all server triggers. They cannot execute on client triggers.

When then emerges the cloud-based offerings, Netsuite environment provides certain features that help our business organizations to function effectively. Suiblists in NetSuite workflows are one among them. They also help business processes like transaction approval, lead nurturing and record management. It can allow a point and click interface with no suite scripts and it defines and automates business processes in a wide range.

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