How to Customize Order Total Section in Magento Payment Method


One of our clients, with whom we developed a Magento eCommerce site and integrated with NetSuite, had a custom requirement regarding the cost calculation of an order. 

In order to provide the end-user with seamless order total calculations, our client requested us to integrate a third-party payment calculation mechanism with their Magento website.

Magento is a leading eCommerce platform that helps build eCommerce websites. Its potential for accommodating custom requirements and flexibility makes it stand out in the industry. This case study explains how specialists at Jobin & Jismi integrated custom cost calculations with the Magento website. 


Our client required us to add custom cost calculations in the order total depending upon the mode of payment. Importantly, the client required us to add an additional charge especially for customers who opt for credit card-based purchases as this payment option incurred extra charges for the client on each order.


Our experts studied every aspect of the request and analyzed the challenges and possibilities that best fit the requirement. They devised the option for customizing the order total depending on the payment method and added a custom charge as required by the client. 

Importantly, the addition or deduction of custom charges is not exclusive and can be implemented on any payment method in Magento if the need arises in future.


Our experts successfully integrated custom cost calculation into the payment mechanism of Magento website.