Address Lock for Website Customer in SCA Website


One of our US based clients from the Communications Equipment Manufacturing Industry had a custom requirement on their website. 


Our client required us to limit the number of address entries to 30. If the user exceeds more than 30 addresses in the address book, they cannot be able to edit/delete /add the address. So, they have to create a ‘checkbox’. 


In order to limit the number of address entries our developers created a script in NetSuite for customizing the ‘customer record’ and created a checkbox. If the checkbox is ticked then the address lock feature is activated. 

When we enable the checkbox ‘address lock’ feature will be activated. If we do not check the checkbox there is no limit for adding address in the address book. 

If the address limit exceeds a pop-up will appear by showing address limit is exceeded. 


The benefit of address lock for website customers is that it stores many addresses for customers, address lock will save storage and space. Because of the checkbox feature, clients can enable or disable the address lock feature easily. 


On testing stage, it was difficult to add 30 addresses for checking the result, for that we need to set the limit into two or three for initial testing. After that, the company again changed the limit to 30 in the script. 


Our client met the requirements successfully with the help of the address lock feature. Now the customers can reserve their address and it helps to free up space and storage.