Advanced PDF Customization


Oracle NetSuite provides support for various types of business documents. It also provides standard forms for each one. One uses Advanced PDF Templates to create complex business documents for printed and email transactions. This is an alternative method for customizing printed transactions.  


One of our clients wanted advanced PDF customization. We got different requirements from the client about advanced PDF customization. The client also provided their model templates. 

Most of the requirements were about customizing invoice templates and adding some extra fields. They are not present in the standard form. They also wanted changes in the layout to remove some fields.  

Challenges of Advanced PDF Customization

While doing this customization, our team faced some difficulties. Not all fields in the records are accessible always. However, one can apply the free-marker language to access the fields in the Standard PDF/HTML Template.  

Our solution for Advanced PDF Customization

We took the standard PDF template as our base and built our required template on it. Sometimes one cannot directly access custom fields from the record. 

So, our experts went for a saved search to get the required fields in our template. We also performed basic arithmetic operations in PDF. Additionally, we manually edited the source code advanced template by toggling the source code.   

For the implementation, our team referred to the NetSuite Record Browser to find the field IDs and Sublist field IDs. They also made use of the robust Freemarker tool to develop advanced PDF/ HTML templates


We provided Advanced PDF Templates to support excess customization capabilities. They are much better than any other transaction layouts. NetSuite Advanced PDF customization can modify the appearance of any printed transactions according to the client’s requirements.  

Our team of experts achieved the goals to meet the client expectations and needs. The results included: 

  • Adding additional fields
  • Layout change
  • Remove fields
  • Remove layouts.
  • Creating invoice templates.
  • Grouping the items
  • Page break
  • Take data from custom fields of records.