Automated Vendor Bill Generation in NetSuite with CSV Files

Electrical Service | Australia


Imagine a scenario where you receive vendor bills via email. What if these files could be automatically extracted and used to create associated invoices? Let's explore how this can be achieved in NetSuite, enabling the auto-creation of invoices for a large set of bill data.

Client Portfolio

An Australia-based electrical services provider operating in the domestic housing sector approached us to automate their vendor bill creation process. They want to eliminate the manual process in invoice creation by checking the files.

Problem Statement 

Our client faced a significant challenge in managing their invoicing process. They were manually inputting invoice data from CSV files received via email into NetSuite, which was time-consuming and prone to human errors. The client sought a streamlined and automated solution to enhance efficiency and reduce the risk of errors in their workflow.

What We Suggested

To address the client’s needs, we proposed an automated solution to generate invoices based on the CSV data. Our approach involved several key steps:

Transfer CSV Files to NetSuite File Cabinet: We utilized an email capture plugin to automatically transfer incoming CSV files from emails to the NetSuite File Cabinet. 

Scheduled Data Extraction: By implementing scheduled scripts, we ensured the timely extraction of data from these CSV files, enabling a seamless transition to the next step. 

Data Extraction and Processing: We developed functionality to extract the necessary data from the CSV files stored in the File Cabinet. This data was then processed to create vendor bills. 

Automated Workflow: The automated workflow was designed to operate on a scheduled basis, eliminating the need for manual intervention in the invoice generation process.


During the implementation of the solution, we encountered several challenges: 

Email Integration: Ensuring seamless integration of the email capture plugin with NetSuite required extensive testing and fine-tuning. 

Data Accuracy: Ensuring the accuracy of the data extracted from the CSV files was crucial. We implemented robust validation mechanisms to prevent errors.

Customer Success

The automated solution significantly improved the client’s invoicing process, resulting in several notable benefits: 

Reduced Manual Effort: By automating the invoice generation process, the client reported a prominent reduction in the time spent on invoice generation, allowing their team to focus on more strategic tasks. 

Error Reduction: The automation minimized human errors, ensuring more accurate and reliable invoicing. 

Improved Workflow: The integration of the email capture plugin and automated scripts created a streamlined and efficient workflow for handling invoices. 

Scheduled Automation: The scheduled automation ensured that invoices were generated timely and consistently without manual intervention.

Key Achievements:

Faster Invoice Creation for Bills 

Eliminated Manual Work by 90%

Way Forward

Looking ahead, the automated creation of invoices based on vendor bills has enabled our client to reduce the time spent on invoice generation by 60%. This enhancement has allowed their team to concentrate on more strategic tasks and effectively manage a growing volume of invoices without additional manual effort. 

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