Automatic Generation of Lot Numbers Within NetSuite WMS


One of our UK-based customers had a custom requirement on Automatic Generation of Lot Numbers within NetSuite Warehouse Management System (Netsuite WMS).


Our client required us to customize a feature that should automatically generate the Lot numbers, thereby eliminating the need to enter details manually for generating the lot numbers. 


Our NetSuite specialists came up with a solution that would compain ‘LOT’ with current UTC time thereby creating a format LOTYYMMDD-HHMMSS. The generated number is  on the SCAN/ENTER LOT in the Enter Lot page on WMS. UTC time zone is used for the lot generation of all entities to avoid the same lot number generation due to the user’s local time. 

The customized action takes place on each and every ‘loading’ of the “Enter Lot Page”. Therefore if a user stops in the middle of the session and restores it again after a while or if the user moves forward or backward from the page and navigates back to the same, the lot number is automatically generated based on that current particular time.


We have successfully implemented the customization and the users are provided with the automatically generated Lot numbers at any time. This strategy allowed the customer to automate the Lot number management.