Automatic Generation of Vendor RMA in NetSuite


Client Portfolio

An authorized distributor of industry-grade automation products and electronics hardware based in the US contacted Jobin & Jismi seeking NetSuite customization services. The firm supplies enclosures, antennas, industrial radios, power supplies, and a range of similar equipment.   

The company distributes products sourced from over 200 leading suppliers in the industry. They provide the best quality products at competitive prices after ensuring the performance, efficiency, and adaptability of each one. They help customers choose the right products for their jobs by offering free technical support. The company is also keen on providing customer service and support.  

Problem Statement

Firms that distribute multiple types of items have numerous vendors or suppliers. For example, while ordering an item on an e-commerce platform, there are multiple sellers and prices many times.  

Similarly, companies that sell products through their official website also have various sellers. In such situations, proper management is necessary to transport the returned products to the respective vendors. A Customized RMA is helpful to address the issues related to this.  

Being an active client, the firm opted for Jobin & Jismi to customize NetSuite to handle return authorization. The firm has been our client for nearly 3 years. After analyzing their requirement, our professionals conceived an ideal plan to customize NetSuite.  

They wanted to allow the customers to choose the respective vendor while submitting the return authorization form. This helps them automatically connect with this preferred vendor when a customer places a return request.

What We Suggested

To meet their requirement, we decided to create a Vendor RMA. Our team also customized RMA for the preferred vendors.  

During the customization process, we set a field on the RMA form. When the customer selects corresponding vendors from the item subtab while submitting RMA, the system creates a return authorization.  

We customized NetSuite to have multiple vendor RMA for each item. Thanks to this feature, the system creates numerous vendor RMAs based on the number of items returned. This happens during the authorization.  

Our pool of professionals created vendor RMA to link the selected vendors with the customer RMA. The item subtab got a new field of preferred vendors. This allows the customer to select the vendor of the returned item. It also connects the customer RMA and the vendor RMA.  

The system creates a new vendor RMA whenever the user generates a return authorization. This happens only if the customer selects the preferred vendor. In case the client fails to select the vendor on the item subtab, a pop-up message appears. It informs them that an “error on vendor RMA creation” has occurred.  

The NetSuite customization helps the customer choose the preferred vendor from the item record itself. We created a vendor RMA for the corresponding vendor who supplied products to a customer. With this, the customer can easily return the product to the same vendor without any hassle.

Customer Success

The customization of RMA in NetSuite:

Eased the return process for goods delivered 

Managed tasks related to return of products supplied by numerous vendors around the globe

Easily traced the corresponding vendor of the item and streamline the return process

Organized operations and relationships with the respective suppliers of each item

Reduced manual labor in handling the returned shipments and transporting them to the respective vendor

Accessed all information related to their orders, returns and suppliers on NetSuite

Directly connected with the vendors regarding the return of orders when the customer places a request for the same

Reduced time lag in approving returns and refunds

Impressed customers with faster returns, pickups and refunds

Enhanced performance and increased revenue