Automating AR collections Email on NetSuite


One of Jobin & Jismi's global clients is an American firm having expertise in Automation Machinery Manufacturing. 


The American customer wanted us to automate a workflow that sends customers an email reminder to pay their bills. It reminds them to make the payment on the 31st, 61st and 91st days of the due date. 

NetSuite offers a paid SuiteApp with the required features. However, the client wanted a one-time paid solution. They wanted relatively fewer features to meet their unique business requirement.  

The client was sending emails manually with their custom templates. Now they wanted to send automated emails to their customers on specific days.


Our experts analyzed the requirements and automated sending emails to the customers on specific days. They also added a notification to the internal accounting person to inform them of customer payment delays. This enables them to follow up on the customer.   

The automated system sends a reminder to Account Payable (AP) contacts at specific intervals as the client required.   

The system sends this automated friendly reminder seven days prior to the due date. It also sends another one to the AP contact seven days after the due date.  

Once again, the system sends an automated warning email after 14 days. This time the system sends it to the customer service manager and sales rep as well.  

The system sends an automated email to the customer service rep 31 days after the due date. It alerts the person to make a phone call with the customer.  

Sixty days after the due date, the system sends an automated alert. This the platform sends it to the AP contact, Customer Service Manager, Sales Manager and Sales Rep. It provides information on the delinquent account status.  

Three months after the due date, the system generates reminder emails. It sends them to the AP contact of the customer daily as well as to the AP manager. The system also sends emails everyday to the sales rep supervisor, customer service manager, and CEO.




Our specialists met the requirements successfully. They automated sending emails to the customers at specific intervals. This helps the client to reduce the time and effort taken to manually send emails