Automate NetSuite GL Reports to Google Cloud Storage

Education | India


Client Portfolio

A Singapore-based education provider having major operations in India approached us with a request to automate the transfer of NetSuite General Ledger (GL) reports to Google Cloud Storage (GCS). While delivering innovative teaching solutions and academic book packs to families and schools across the Asian nation, the enterprise sought an effective system to gradually eliminate manual work involved in checking financial data, allowing them to focus more on their business scenarios.

Problem Statement

It is crucial to regularly check financial accounts and data. Imagine having a platform where you can view this data graphically, gaining deeper insights. The client recognizes its importance and aims to boost their financial reporting process. Currently, they rely on manual procedures, involving the tedious task of downloading data from NetSuite GL reports and then uploading it to Google Cloud Storage. This workflow not only consumes valuable time but also introduces the risk of errors.

What We Suggested

To address the client’s challenges, our team of experts proposed the development and implementation of a custom plugin. This would automate the transfer of NetSuite GL reports to GCS, streamlining the entire process. Users just need to select the desired date range from the GL report and, with a single click on the mail icon, the data is moved to their GCS account. This approach not only eliminates manual intervention but also paves the way for enhanced data analysis through improved graphical representations in their GCS account. The GL file includes various NetSuite accounts, including COGS, balance, debt, credit, and more. 

The various processes of this integration include: 

Implementing a solid plugin architecture to ensure seamless connectivity between NetSuite and GCS.

Enabling a one-click process for efficient data transfer. 

Backing up the exported files to NetSuite file cabinet.


A major challenge emerged during the project due to the cloud platform’s restrictions on sending emails from one account to another. This posed a hurdle in automating the process completely. However, our professionals effectively addressed this challenge by making strategic changes to email IDs and devising a workaround, ensuring the smooth automation of the GL report transfer.

Customer Success

Our client benefited from several positives outcomes because of the custom plugin implementation. The automated process not only saved considerable time in transferring data but also introduced a more efficient method for visually assessing GL information within their GCS account. Furthermore, the reports are now securely stored in the file cabinet, serving as a convenient reference point for the CSV-formatted data uploaded to GCS. 

Time saved through automation led to enhanced operational efficiency.

Data errors and redundancy rates are minimized as no manual upload of data is required.

Convenient file cabinet storage provided reference points for uploaded data.

Key Achievements: 

Reduced manual tasks by 80%

Backup system in place for exported data

Way Forward

The integration of NetSuite GL reports into the GCS account eliminated a major obstacle for our client. With this automation, the chances of errors in such processes were minimized, leading to greater efficiency and accuracy in handling financial data. 
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