Bulk Emailing Automation in NetSuite


Client Portfolio

Many companies explore ways to streamline the process of sending bulk emails to clients. They want solutions to reduce the manual effort of individually sending out emails. An Australian company also came across a similar issue and sought our assistance.  

They are the leading producers of high-quality therapeutic herbal and nutritional supplements. For more than three decades, they have been combining traditional methods with modern technology and scientific research. They are constantly broadening the range of their supplements to offer the highest quality to a wider audience.

Problem Statement

As the company deals with a large number of customers, they need to send emails in bulk. They comprise credit memos, invoices, and notifications. Sending them many times every day is an arduous process requiring much manual labor. It takes a lot of time and resources to perform this task.  

As they chose NetSuite as the best platform to support the business processes efficiently, they approached us. They wanted expert intervention on the part of Jobin & Jismi in handling bulk emails.

What We Suggest

Scripts are set in the background to understand the user selections, and emails are sent in bulk at the mentioned intervals.

The experts at Jobin & Jismi analyzed the requirements. After a deep evaluation, we suggested that automating the process with bulk emailers would ease the work.  

Therefore, with the help of SuiteCloud tools, our technical consultants designed a solution to resolve the issue. They customized the page in such a way that the users are able to send bulk emails with a single click.

Customer Success

Thanks to the outstanding consultation and assistance of Jobin & Jismi, the client enjoyed more benefits.  

The assistance reduced the manual effort requiring more time and effort to send each email. Automation achieved this.

Automation also reduced the chances of manual errors.

Users can send emails in bulk within a few seconds by filling in a few fields.

Productivity increases as the staff save more time and resources because of automation. This also boosts sales and revenue.

Jobin & Jismi’s intervention helped the Australian manufacturer to enhance operations and productivity more efficiently. 

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