Create Invoices for SCP Items in NetSuite


One of Our clients, a leading company in providing solutions to the wireless business needs from the United States of America had a requirement in generating invoices for the SCP items in NetSuite.


The requirement of the client is to generate an automatic invoice from a sales order for the SCP items in NetSuite. The risk factor in the development was the invoices are order specific. A single invoice is for a single order and we believe these orders and searches do not exist in the sandbox.


The experts of our firm analyzed the requirement and created invoices using the following techniques, they have devised a platform for uploading CSV files and they will construct invoices for those items using the items from the CSV file. If the corresponding items for billing in any sales order are still present. We recognize the item and generate invoices for it automatically.  


Our experts attained the requirements of the client successfully. Now the clients are able to generate invoices automatically for SCP items in NetSuite

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