Creating a Tab “Download Page” in SCA


One of our UK-based clients, the world’s best performing teeth-whitening treatment industry, had a requirement to create a "Download Page" on their Suite commerce website.  


Our client has saved their documents, including PDFs and images, as records in their NetSuite account. They require us to create a “Download Page” tab in their website’s My Account section in order to view all of this pdf and images in the same place. 


Our developers created a new tab called “Download Page’” in the My Account section. On clicking this tab, the folders, including brochures, images, logos, and pdfs, can be viewed in accordion format and can be downloaded by clicking on the corresponding file. 


The Accordion page format helps improve the user experience. Here, the user need not navigate to different pages to view the associated files in each category.   


Our developers successfully met the requirements. The client is completely satisfied with the development. Now the client can effortlessly access the files on the same page itself.