Custom Form for Prospect Creation Extension


The custom form for prospect/lead creation extension helps the eCommerce business team to collect prospect's details. You can do it through the website and store in NetSuite. This extension is suitable for wholesale and/or B2B SCA websites.  

This extension creates a prospect in NetSuite automatically with the status showing “Prospect in discussion”. You can do this by collecting details from the website. Using these details, the admin can send emails to the respective user.  

It will have certain details such as Record ID, name, email, and phone. One can create a custom form in the background with these details. This extension automates the whole process of creating prospects.  

The admin receives timely updates regarding the creation of prospects in the account. You can create the prospect based on the information fetched from the attached custom. The system analyzes information and thereby creates prospects in the system.  

This extension is apt for SCA websites that sell goods or services in bulk (wholesale or B2B). As the name indicates, it enhances the reselling process of the SCA website. With this extension, users can create various fields to fetch information from the seller. 

They can use this information in the future for specific marketing efforts. This extension can customize according to the specific needs of the specific SCA websites. Through this extension website, customers can submit applications by filling in the attached forms. 

The advanced features of the Custom form for prospect creation

Moreover, the custom prospect creation extension has the following advanced features.

  • This extension is suitable for all SCA Websites
  • Collects and store prospect information
  • The stored data is essential for marketing
  • Helps the business owners to have customization for diverse business needs and requirements 


Would you like to implement a custom prospect creation extension for your website? Please click here to connect with us One of the peculiarities of this extension is that we can customize the data points based on your requirement.