Customizing Warranty Certificates in NetSuite


One of our clients’ in the solar power industry required some modifications in NetSuite to fit their unique business requirements. Initially, they wanted to solve the issue of sending out two separate PDFs to their customers via mail - a warranty certificate and a customer invoice.

Jobin & Jismi proposed a quick fix by merging the two documents - leaving no room for doubt in the customer’s mind regarding which document to use while claiming warranty.


Our client provides a range of products and each of these products have different warranties. For some, the warranty may extend to 25 years while others could only be 10. 

Since there are different product ranges and different warranty periods, the client had to manually check and set the associated warranty certificate with every customer invoice.


Standard NetSuite allows setting a default invoice PDF automatically. But here the warranty certificate exists in a different format and its warranty period differs according to the product. The need to manually attach the required warranty certificate with the exact customer invoice became a necessity.

Our experts addressed the challenge by collecting the correct warranty certificate as per the products on the invoice and merged it with the customer invoice. Ultimately the end-user is benefited and the process was simplified.


Developers at Jobin & Jismi merged these two PDFs into a single PDF. 

Using code they addressed the challenge and collected the warranty certificate and merged it with the customer invoice. Ultimately the end-user is benefited and the process was simplified for the client.  


The process automation relieved the client from the manual effort and saved the time of allocating resources to constantly verify the appropriate warranty certificate is provided along with respective invoice. This eliminated the room for confusion on the warranty certificate submitted.