Adding an ‘Enquiry Button’ in the SCA webstore


Client Portfolio

A New Zealand-based client of ours and a leading manufacturer of packaging and containers came up with a requirement for the commerce category page of the SuiteCommerce Advanced (SCA) webstore. 

Problem Statement

Our client required us to display the ‘Enquire with us’ button on the category page of selected commerce categories of their SCA webstore. This will help the customers to allow their end-users to connect with them directly if there are no products available for a category. Thus, the requirement of items is identified and can add them in the stock.

What We Suggested

Our in-house team of professionals scrutinized the requirements and came up with a solution by creating a new custom field (checkbox) named ‘Enquire enabled’ in the category section. When it is enabled, the ‘Enquire with us’ button gets displayed on the category page. 

In this case, the subcategories and items on the category page are not displayed. The ‘Enquire with us’ button will further take users to the ‘Get in touch page’ of the SCA webstore. 


Customer Success

The requirement made by the New Zealand client was successfully met by enabling the use of the ‘Enquire with us button on the category page of the webstore.

Way Forward 

We provide customer satisfaction by understanding the requirements and providing effective solutions as per the unique day-to-day requirements. Based on customer feedback, we are convinced that our collaboration enables them to achieve their goals and lay a firm foundation for future business growth and profitability.