Displaying domain-based price in NetSuite SuiteCommerce


One of our New Zealand-based clients, who is a leading cool-chain packaging supplier had a custom requirement on their NetSuite SuiteCommerce Advanced website.  

SuiteCommerce Advanced (SCA) is NetSuite’s eCommerce platform built as a single-page application and integrates ERP and eCommerce seamlessly. It smoothens various operational hurdles from order management, inventory customer support and financials.  


Our client website operates in three main domains (US, Australia and New Zealand) and currently prices for non-signed in users are based on the currency of the default subsidiary which is NZ. Our client prerequisite was to display prices on the website based on the domain the user visits.  


In the default NetSuite setting, the price displayed on the website is based on the currency of the default subsidiary when the user is not logged into the website. Our developers analyzed and solved the requirement through altering the site settings. They set up the currency based on the domain when the user is not signed in. Thus, when the URL for the domain is loaded, the currency corresponding to the domain will be set on site settings. 


The customization was a success and the item prices are now displayed in the currency corresponding to the domain on the website. 

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