Data Connectivity Across Multiple NetSuite Accounts via Celigo

Branding & Advertising | USA


Having multiple accounts to manage your transactions across multiple industries is essential. What if you want to sync this data into a single account that only displays the transactions you prefer? Sounds good, right? Let's check how this is implemented for one of our clients. 

Client Portfolio

A USA-based branding and advertising company approached us to integrate data between two NetSuite accounts. Dealing with multiple clients and industries, it is necessary for them to have a connection to their accounts to track and update their order flow.

Problem Statement

One of our clients’ customers is undergoing the implementation of NetSuite, a cloud-based ERP system, with the aim of simplifying their business processes. However, they encountered difficulties integrating the data from this new NetSuite account with their existing one.  

The manual entry and duplication of data between systems not only consume valuable time and resources but also increases the risk of errors and discrepancies in transaction records. The client seeks a solution to automate the transfer of essential data, including sales orders, purchase orders, and inventory items, between their new system and NetSuite.

What We Suggested

To address the client’s challenges effectively, we proposed implementing Celigo Integration to facilitate the smooth transfer of data between their system and NetSuite, as the client already has a Celigo account. Our suggested approach includes:

Automated Data Transfer: 

Develop custom integration flows to automate the transfer of sales orders, purchase orders, and inventory items between the client’s new NetSuite account and existing one. 

Utilize Celigo Integration’s robust capabilities to ensure the efficient and accurate synchronization of data in real-time.

Order Management:

Integrate the creation of sales orders initiated in the client’s system with NetSuite, enabling the automatic generation of corresponding sales orders in NetSuite’s platform. 

Implement bi-directional synchronization to update both sales and purchase orders statuses between both systems, ensuring transparency and consistency in order management.  

Up-to-date Fulfillments:

Automate the creation of item fulfillments in NetSuite in response to sales orders received from the client’s system, optimizing the fulfillment process. 

Multi-subsidiary Management: 

Configure Celigo Integration to support multi-subsidiary operations, allowing the client to efficiently manage transactions across different subsidiaries with accuracy and ease. 


Despite the benefits offered by Celigo integration, several challenges were encountered during the implementation process. Thorough testing procedures were essential to identify and address any discrepancies or issues in data transfer before deployment.

Customer Success 

The implementation of Celigo Integration yielded significant success for our client, resulting in:

Enhanced Efficiency: Automation of data transfer processes eliminated manual entry, reducing the risk of errors and improving overall efficiency in transaction management.

Timely Visibility: Scheduled integration ensures that the client gains immediate access to precise transaction data, helping prompt decision-making and enhancing customer service based on the user’s preferred time intervals. 

Cost Savings: Elimination of duplicate entry and manual reconciliation efforts resulted in cost savings associated with labor and reduced error-related expenses. 

Key Achievements:

Reduced manual record creation 

Eliminated duplicate data

Way Forward

With Celigo integration, data synchronization across multiple NetSuite accounts ensures automatic creation of transaction records based on clients’ preferences. This integration simplifies the monitoring of multiple business operations across various industries. 

Are you looking to streamline your multiple business operations? Are you seeking to eliminate manual order and item creation? Contact us today to optimize your operations with our integrated solution.