Eliminate Spam Orders on Your Website Through Google reCAPTCHA

Music Merchandise | USA


Client Portfolio

A US-based music instrument retailer approached us with a requirement. They wanted us to make the order placement verification process on their Suite Commerce Standard (SCS) website more accurate.  

The client specializes in innovative design products for transporting musical instruments. They have customers across the globe. Therefore, they needed an efficient order process on their product order page. Additionally, they requested the integration of this feature into another website dedicated to selling lifestyle accessories.

Problem Statement

Our client is a multi-product retailer operating across multiple e-commerce platforms. They faced a significant challenge with unwanted or spam orders disrupting their order management process.  

The orders slowed down efficiency and customer satisfaction apart from threatening their operations. This was because of the absence of a robust verification system. This made it difficult to differentiate between real and fraudulent orders.

What We Suggested

To address the client’s challenge effectively, we recommended the implementation of Google reCAPTCHA as a solution for order verification. This provides an added layer of security and authentication. This also ensures that only legitimate customers can proceed by placing orders on the website. Our suggested approach included:

Integration of Google reCAPTCHA: We proposed integrating Google reCAPTCHA into the client’s website checkout process. This presents a verification challenge before the client proceeds by placing orders.

Custom Extension Development: Recognizing the client’s SCS website on the NetSuite platform, we developed a custom extension within NetSuite. This incorporates the reCAPTCHA feature into their existing order management system.


We took every precaution to ensure that user experience was unaffected during implementation. We balanced the need for enhanced security with a smooth user experience. We had to make sure there were no customer redirections from the page.

Customer Success

Following the successful implementation of Google reCAPTCHA, our client experienced significant improvements in their order management process. The key successes achieved included:  

Reduced Spam Orders: The implementation of reCAPTCHA effectively minimized the incidence of spam or fraudulent orders. This resulted in a cleaner and more manageable order queue.

Enhanced Security: With the additional layer of verification provided by reCAPTCHA, the client’s website experienced a decrease in unauthorized access attempts.

Improved Efficiency: The number of unwanted orders went down significantly. The client was also able to experience greater efficiency in order management. This allowed them to focus their resources to fulfill genuine customer orders.

Key Achievements:  

Reduced spam orders by 90%  

Achieved an increase in efficiently managing orders.

Way Forward

The integration of the Google reCAPTCHA feature has greatly assisted our client in managing their customers’ order verification process. It prioritized security and efficiency in order management.  

Now, our client is in a position to navigate future challenges and maintain exceptional service delivery to their customers. One can also extend this feature to other websites, including SuiteCommerce Advanced (SCA). This ensures a more effective online presence overall.

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