Empowering Pharma: NetSuite – TrackTraceRX Integration


Client Portfolio

A pharmaceutical wholesale distributor company in US approached Jobin & Jismi to integrate NetSuite with TrackTraceRX, (a cloud-based traceability system that tracks the movement of products or drugs throughout the supply chain) to easily track and monitor pharmaceutical items, follow regulations, and make their supply chain work better. 

The client has a unique distribution business that offers a different way of delivering generic items to care sites. They also offer special products and services from various manufacturers. 

Problem Statement 

The client approached us, stating that an act called the DSCSA (Drug Supply Chain Security Act) had been passed in the US. This act requires the tracking and tracing of prescription drugs in the pharmaceutical supply chain. They were uncertain about how to implement this law within NetSuite and were seeking guidance on how to utilize the NetSuite solution to address the issue. 

Within NetSuite, the client had items labeled with lot numbers, and the implementation of serialization presented a challenging aspect. Similarly, managing serialized data within NetSuite posed its own set of difficulties. It was essential to effectively handle serialized data in NetSuite and ensure its visibility. Additionally, they required accurate tracking and retrieval of each item’s serial number. These were the issues they encountered. 

What We Suggested

Jobin & Jismi’s team assessed the customer’s requirements, and our team analyzed the business process and carried out the integration. We recommended the use of TrackTrace Rx, a cloud-based system that traces the movement of products or medications throughout the supply chain, as a possible solution to achieve the same objective. 

Within NetSuite, there was an existing warehouse management system known as RF-Smart. Multiple functions of this system were adjusted. Furthermore, we included the features of rapid Rx and integrated them into our solution. 

All serial numbers, whether from Item Fulfillment (IF) or Item Receipt (IR), were meticulously monitored within NetSuite. We consistently updated this data in TrackTrace, showcasing smooth communication between the systems. NetSuite was capable of accomplishing this without altering the existing item configurations, and we have successfully implemented this solution. 

Customer Success

By implementing our solution, the client achieved several key benefits which includes: 

Transparent Drug Supply Chain:The most significant advantage is to propose that this prevents fraudulent selling.The significant factor contributing to customer success is the presence of the Track and Traceability feature, which prevents any fraudulent individuals from selling the product. This is attributed to the fact that, in the US, only serialized items are authorized for sale. Furthermore, this implementation is a one-time process and provides a distinct advantage.

Following Rules Better: They followed the Drug Supply Chain Security Act (DSCSA) properly by using this system. This made sure they were accountable and open about their supply chain, meeting all the important rules.

Knowing Where Things Are: With this new system, they knew exactly where their medicine was at every step of the way. They could easily trace it from when they bought it until they delivered it to customers.

Saving Money: By being better at managing their stock and supply chain, they saved money. They spent less on keeping extra stock and had fewer mistakes that could cost them money.

Key Achievement: 

100% accuracy in tracking pharmaceutical items using serial numbers.

Achieved 100% compliance with DSCSA by integrating NetSuite and TrackTraceRX.

Saved 30% in costs by reducing manual work and managing inventory better.

Way Forward 

The integration of NetSuite with TrackTraceRX led to remarkable success, overcoming initial challenges. They now have better security, follow regulations, and work more efficiently.  

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