Extension for Footer Division


With this extension, we have created an additional functionality for the SuiteCommerce Advanced (SCA) websites, particularly on adding provisions to create column-wise separations in the footer as well an additional functionality to add numerous icons. This Extension for footer division is well implemented and adhered to the strongest scales of quality. We have offered this assistance to one of our clients at thereques

This extension provides the following  features in particular

  • - Can add the content in the footer as a section under a heading.
  • - Users can divide the contents on a separate heading.
  • - Users can add icons in the footer section.



This extension for footer division provides additional benefits by adding footer divisions in column-wise segregation which helps users to get a more segregated view of the website page. The new extension efficiently manages the appearance of a website. With the extended icons included the users can update social icons and other buttons on-demand.  Users can re-include or remove items or icons.

Exceptional outputs

The business can include social icons and the customers can navigate through the same using this extension for footer division. And eventually, it acts as a tool for social media marketing within the website. The footer division function makes the processes easier and establishes a  worthwhile state to evoke guaranteed outputs to enhance the appearance of the website.