All About Facebook Pixel and GTM Extension on SuiteCommerce Site


SuiteCommerce extension for Facebook Pixel and Google Tag Manager (GTM) helps to extend, monitor, and optimize the website to provide better insights about the company by the addition of various events for the Product Listing Page (PLP), Product Description Page (PDP), Search and order confirmation section. The events include View Content, Add to Category, Category, Search and Purchase. These events trigger while entering the PLP or PDP pages, clicking on the add to cart button, searching for items, or creating an order from the website.

These events deliver the details of sales and purchases of the company and provide a complete analysis of the business of the company. The extension helps to integrate the dynamic data to the website with the help of a configuration record.

For this extension, we created a field inside the configuration records for adding Google Analytics (GUA) ID, Google Tag Manager (GTM), and Facebook pixel ID. When a user updates in any of the fields, it is automatically reflected in the extension. For Facebook Pixel Integration, we have added various events within the configuration record to show the price and items ordered by the customers through the website. By enabling these events, the functionality is activated on the website.

Advanced features and capabilities of the Facebook pixel, GTM set up for SuiteCommerce website

The extension possesses the following advanced features.

• Detailed view of sales and purchases including price and items ordered by customers.
• Helps to measure your return on ad spend.
• Complete analysis of the revenue.
• Provides information on the search actions of people on your website.
• The extension helps in gathering the audience insights.

Through the addition of events in PLP, PDP, and Search, detailed information on the revenue of the company is generated. This extension is an effective tool for analyzing sales, purchases, and spendings on advertisements. The extension provides a better advantage for the website owners in enhancing their business and monitoring the website’s functionality. Additionally, the extension provides the details on the search actions of people on your website and this analysis helps to improve the ways to engage your customers.


If you wish to install Facebook pixel or GTM in your SCA website, please connect with our dedicated professionals right away to install and activate the extension in a cost-effective manner.