FoodStuff eXchange Integration with NetSuite


One of our clients in the hospitality sector based out of New Zealand had a custom requirement in NetSuite. They wanted to integrate their NetSuite with a third-party application called - FoodStuff eXchange

By integrating NetSuite with FoodStuff eXchange - the client was able to automate a key process like order management and efficiently monitor all the related processes.


The main requirement of our client was to set the incoming purchase orders from the FoodStuff eXchange to sales orders.  Through this integration, our client wanted to rule out a few challenges:

1. Create sales orders as per the message received from FoodStuff eXchange.
2. Sent a confirmation message regarding the creation of sales order to FoodStuff eXchange
3. Notify FoodStuff eXchange about partial / failed orders through email to NetSuite users.
4. Messages regarding item fulfilment or invoice are sent to FoodStuff in XML format.
5. Invoice generation.

Steps iInvolved

Developers at Jobin & Jismi initially sorted out a solution to accommodate and store the information arriving from FoodStuff eXchange. 

The solution provides the NetSuite user with all the key details of the sales order that is generated. Thus the user can identify any issue that arises and promptly rectify it.

When sales orders are generated in NetSuite, the third-party application (FoodStuff eXchange) needs to be notified for transparent communication between the companies.  The acknowledgement message will be sent in a prescribed format (XML) requested by the third-party provider. 

The NetSuite user can manually create an Item fulfilment for the sales order that is generated. Once this Item fulfilment is created for the sales order, the system will check for this automatically every day and then send it to the Foodstuff eXchange in XML format. 

Our solution was designed in a way to avoid duplicate records of Item fulfilment because scheduled item fulfilment messages are often prone to create duplicates. 

When a user manually creates an invoice, the FoodStuff eXchange is notified of the generation through XML format. Whenever FoodStuff sends an order and a sales order or invoice is created. NetSuite checks if any Credit Note is attached to that particular order. 

NetSuite regularly checks for these credit notes and if found, NetSuite notifies the details of that credit note to FoodStuff eXchange in XML format.


Our developers considered all possible error scenarios beforehand and configured a solution that best fit the requirements.

1. Sales order is not generated

2. Partial Fulfillment of orders

3. Invoice details not sent to FoodStuff eXchange

4. Invoice contains discount

How We Solved It?

Our development team had to focus on each of these challenges individually because of their custom nature. Most of these scenarios required custom solutions in NetSuite and our developers were able to provide the client with the best solution that perfectly fit their unique business needs. 

 By utilizing the “saved search” functionality they were able to list all the failed or partial sales orders. Further, these failed or partial orders are sent as an email to the Netsuite user mentioning the reason – asking them to intervene manually. 

In the case of invoices with discounts, another saved search was created and data was retrieved from custom fields in the custom record and sent to the user. 


The FoodStuff Exchange integration with NetSuite reaped many benefits for the client. Before the integration, the client had to manually update all the order-related activities on FoodStuff Exchange’s website. Also, various processes were automated thereby saving time and money for the client.

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