Google Map View of Leads in NetSuite


One of our clients, a leading wholesale distributor of drugs, and toiletries from Australia had a requirement to integrate Google Maps with NetSuite to represent its customers on Google Map on the basis of longitude and latitude in NetSuite.  


The requirement of the client is to represent customers on Google Maps in NetSuite on the basis of longitude and latitude.


Our experts analyzed the requirements and integrated Google Map with NetSuite By utilizing the Suitelet page they were able to mark the customers on the map. The logged-in sales representative can view the customers and can filter according to department, category or any available field. This is mainly for the sales rep to plan their client visit. They can choose multiple customers on the map by drawing a rectangle. All the chosen customers will be shown on another Suitelet page from which the sales rep can select or unselect the customer for bulk creating of task records. On the basis of these task records, the sales rep can keep track of their daily activities and record the visit details in the task records.   


Our specialists met the requirements successfully on creating Suitelet pages where the user can plot customers on Google Maps on the basis of longitude and latitude in NetSuite. This helps the Sales rep to visualize and plan their client visits effortlessly.