Header Menu Extension


Header menu extension adds an enhanced feature to develop and design more attractive header menus for SuiteCommerce Advanced Websites. It lets the users to limit the number of categories that should be shown under each category. This extension plays a major role in increasing the UI attractiveness of an SCA website.

Advanced Features 

  1. – Develop and Design header Menu Icons.
  2. – Category wise segregation.
  3. – The attractive UI.
  4. – User friendly.

Capability and Benefits

With this, extension SuiteCommerce advanced websites can enjoy the enhanced features to optimize the website UI appearance and visibility more off an attractive mode. Header menu extension also provides additional benefits to organize and segregate various categories of information in a website. It allows the users to limit the number of categories which enhances the visibility index. This extension reflects on creating and developing more attractive SuiteCommerce Websites with a tinge technical divisibility.


we have designed this enhanced feature in dealt with the requirement of our client. we are open to extend this service at request.  If you wanted to enable the  installation you can contact our team.