Benefits of Historical Data Migration From QuickBooks to NetSuite


One of our clients, a leading business service provider in the United States, had a requirement for the Migration of Historical Data from their existing system to NetSuite.


Our client required us to migrate the data from their already existing system, QuickBooks, to NetSuite from a specific time period. 


Our experts analyzed the requirement and initiated the data transfer from QuickBooks to NetSuite. Initially, they extracted data from the existing system, looked for any duplicate, unnecessary, or missing data (data cleansing), and transferred the cleaned data to a NetSuite standard file. Further, they checked for any errors and completed the trial balancing process to ensure that no data was lost.  

According to NetSuite best practices, the client should perform the extraction process which is a troublesome and tedious task. But in this case, our experts themselves extracted the data, which is a huge benefit for the client.


The major risk factor in this process is migrating data to the ERP system which requires extra care. With any migration there lies a high risk of losing or corrupting data. And the extraction can only be initiated if the transaction is fully completed. Otherwise, errors may occur during the verification of the trial balance.  


The migration of historical data from QuickBooks to NetSuite was quick and error-free.

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