Try Receiving NetSuite Notifications in a Slack Messaging App

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What about receiving your day-to-day NetSuite transaction notifications in your most commonly used application? Just a regular check on your mobile device, and you can stay informed about changes or updates, right? This was the request we received to integrate NetSuite notifications into their messaging platform, Slack. 

Problem Statement

Our client encountered a notable difficulty in receiving NetSuite notifications efficiently, resulting in manually logging into NetSuite for updates. They required NetSuite integration with Slack, their preferred communication platform, to simplify the process and ensure real-time updates on vital changes like sales or purchase order approvals and new item or record creations.

What We Suggested 

To address the client’s challenges, we proposed a comprehensive integration solution leveraging the capabilities of Slack API. Our recommendations included:

1. NetSuite – Slack Integration: 

Establish a secure and smooth connection between NetSuite and Slack.

Utilize Slack API to track updates from NetSuite. 

2. Customizable Message Format: 

Allow users to customize the message format based on their preferences. 

Provide flexibility in tailoring notifications to meet specific needs. 

3. Real-Time Updates: 

Ensure real-time delivery of notifications to the Slack channel. 

If there are multiple Slack channels for different notifications, the data will be shared correspondingly. 

Customer Success 

By implementing our solution, the client achieved several key benefits which include: 

Faster Communication: Users no longer needed to manually log in to NetSuite, saving time and effort. Critical updates were automatically pushed to the Slack channel, fostering a more streamlined workflow. 

Increased Visibility: Real-time updates provided enhanced visibility into sales and purchase order approval notifications, new item creations, and other relevant activities. 

Customization Flexibility: Users enjoyed the flexibility of customizing message formats, tailoring notifications as per needs. 

Key Achievements

60% reduction in manual checking 

Real-time update of NetSuite transactions in a single channel

Way Forward 

The integration between NetSuite and Slack Communication channel has provided a simple and convenient method for receiving multiple notifications. By eliminating the need for manual logins and regular checks, users can now stay informed about changes through their commonly used messaging application, making a significant impact on their daily operations.

Wish to receive your day-to-day activity notifications in this manner? Our Integration and Customization team is ready to address your inquiries. Feel free to reach out to Jobin & Jismi’s experts to discuss your specific needs. We are ready to assist you always.