How to Increase User Engagement on Your Website With Widgets


Client Portfolio

One of our international clients is an American musical instrument retailer company. They offer innovatively designed products for carrying musical instruments. 


The retailer came to us seeking help to enhance user engagement on their Suite Commerce Standard (SCS) website. They wanted to integrate an accessible widget into their website. This will permit users to customize the interface according to their preferences. Additionally, the firm wanted to implement this widget on another website selling lifestyle accessories. 

Problem Statement 

The American retailer wanted a button on their website allowing users to experience new UI (User Interface) features. Earlier, users did not have an option to filter out the website preview. They found it challenging to effectively engage in the product listings.  

This resulted in higher bounce rates. The client sought a solution to enhance website interaction and improve user interaction.  

What We Suggested 

We explained to the US-based firm that an accessible widget on the SCS website would make it more user-friendly. Our team of experts created the SuiteCommerce extension for the accessible widget. They also synced it with NetSuite for deployment. 

It offered a variety of customization options to empower visitors who wished to see data in their preferred view. Some of the features included:

1.Resizing Content: Users can adjust the font size and page zoom for better readability.

2.Adjust Text Alignment: Customize letter spacing, line height, and text alignment (center, right, or left) to improve text readability. 

3.Changing Contrast: Option to modify the website’s color contrast to suit individual preferences. 

4.Hide Images: Users can hide images on the website for a text-centric browsing experience.

5.Cursor Styles: You can choose from different cursor styles for improved navigation.

6.Language Options: Users can change the widget session language to their preferred language.

7.MultiSelection: One can also select multiple options from the widget to enhance their experience. The user can reformat the content by selecting the ‘Reading Mode’ and ‘Hide Images’ options at the same time. This improves readability and removes the images as well. 


Customer Success

The implementation of the accessible widget resulted in significant customer success including:  

Enhanced User Experience: Users were able to customize the website to meet their specific needs, making it more inclusive and user-friendly in the process.

Increased Engagement: The widget’s interactive features encouraged customers to spend more time on the website, exploring products and services.  

Expanded Customer Base: The accessibility improvements attracted customers who could have faced barriers earlier. This broadened the client’s customer base. 

Improved Conversion Rates: The enhanced user experience led to improved conversion rates and translated into increased revenue. 

Key Achievements

Improved website metrics, including longer average session duration and lower bounce rates.

High increase in user satisfaction.

Way Forward

The integration of the accessible widget on the website proved to be a user-friendly solution for our client. The client can extend this feature to other websites even if they are SCA or SCS. This ensures a more effective online presence.  

Jobin & Jismi is here to assist you in customizing your website to meet your users’ preferences. If you would like to add other types of widgets, connect with us to take your website to the next level.