Integrate Hubspot with NetSuite – Converting the Challenges into Success


Business is an interconnected network which resides and depends on diverse technologies. To accelerate the business functions many companies integrate different technologies together to have better outcomes. In this integration service we have provided an advanced service delivery to our client through Integrate HubSpot with NetSuite. 

HubSpot is a comprehensive inbound marketing and automation software platform that provides  an environment for the businesses to execute, manage and measure all their inbound marketing activities. Our client focused on integrating NetSuite #1 Cloud ERP with HubSpot. They have found that NetSuite has exceptional ERP functionalities which help them to lead in the global market. We have our talented NetSuite Integration experts who is able to cater Integrate HubSpot with NetSuite for our clients. 


We have examined the following parameters to determine the major requirements of our client with respect to Integrate Hubspot with NetSuite. This requirement analysis was conducted by our experts at the initial phase of the project. The following were the  major requirements that have been identified and resolved at the later stage:

Our customer was keen to Integrate Hubspot with NetSuite in order to get emails, phone calls, and notes from Hubspot to respective customer records. Very high expertise is needed to cater this integration requirement successfully.


Integrate HubSpot with NetSuite - Challenges

One of the major challenges of Integrate Hubspot with NetSuite was the quantity of data residing in the CRM. They had more than 2.5 million data in the form of customers, contact, and items. Further the customer wanted to map 32 fields between each data point to NetSuite. Our experts ruled out the realtime synching using scheduled script; instead used mapreduce script to call API. However, upto 500 thousand API calls daily was a limitation. 

Our integration experts proposed two phases for this Integration of  Hubspot with NetSuite.

These are:


To Integrate Hubspot with NetSuite, our technical team used both scheduled script and Map Reduce script as and when needed.  We have addressed our challenges in a way which directly dissolved all the issues. We have scheduled syncing every 12 hour and linked the company and contact link of both the systems through an API call. 


We have successfully Integrated Hubspot with NetSuite while providing maximum benefits to our client. We have successfully coiled the paths between the requirements and its fulfillment. Our expert team well implemented this project without compromising the quality of deliverance. With our expertise in administering integration services we have successfully integrated hubspot with NetSuite. Now our client can enjoy the exceptional benefits offered by NetSuite as well as the required services from hubspot CRM.