Simplifying Logistic Operations With eShipz-NetSuite Integration

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Client Portfolio

A Singapore-based education provider having major operations in India approached us with the objective of integrating their shipping process by connecting NetSuite system with eShipz. eShipz is an automated shipping platform facilitating pre and post-shipping processes for brands and enterprise customers across India. Specializing in delivering innovative teaching solutions and academic bookpacks to families and schools across the country, the organization sought an effective transportation system to reach every nook and corner for seamless product delivery.  

This collaboration was aimed at enhancing the efficiency of their logistics and ensuring a smooth flow in distributing their diverse range of teaching solutions and academic resources. 

Problem Statement 

Our client encountered a significant challenge in achieving faster product deliveries to customers. Despite having multiple transporters associated with the delivery of fulfilled products, they wished to automate a specific transporter in the process through eShipz. Additionally, they sought to implement a custom label for shipped items to simplify product identification and store it in NetSuite ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning).

What We Suggested

As the item is fulfilled in NetSuite and meets our pre-defined criteria, the Item Fulfillment (IF) record will be automatically integrated into eShipz. The criteria include checking whether the record is in the ‘shipped’ status and has not been previously synced with the automated shipping platform, as well as verifying whether it belongs to the specific transporter. 

The various processes of this integration include: 

Determining eShipz Integration: Since the client deals with multiple transporters and integration is required only for a specific transporter, accurately locking the right IF is crucial. Pre-filtering IFs with the ‘shipped’ status is the initial step, followed by selecting those from the designated transporter for integration.

Location-Based Transporters: The impressive factor of this integration is the automatic population of transporters in the Item Fulfillment record. Pin codes of customers are checked during sales order creation, and based on this, transporters are automatically assigned to the customer’s address. 

Storing Integration Data: Bidirectional data synchronization is established between NetSuite and eShipz. NetSuite IF record data is transmitted to the platform for generating shipping labels and allocating transporters. The response, including courier data, master label PDFs, and other necessary packaging information, is stored in the corresponding IF record in NetSuite. 

 Customized Shipping Labels: The identification of each packed order and its tracking are important when dealing with multiple orders. The custom label for placed orders is provided by eShipz and is attached to the IF record in NetSuite as a custom URL (Uniform Resource Locator). Clicking on this link enables the packing team to download the shipping labels, which can then be affixed to the products. 


What if you have multiple transporters in a single pin code/location, each equipped to handle different types of transportation facilities based on the size and weight of products? Many businesses utilize large trucks for heavy loads and small pickup vans for faster deliveries. Additionally, determining the weight capacity of each transporter becomes a major consideration. Here comes another customization: 
Transporter Selection Based on Item Weight: Before assigning items to transporters based on pin codes, we have introduced multiple fields in the location custom record. In this scenario, an 8 kg division has been implemented, enabling the assignment of items weighing more than 8 kg to one transporter, while those below this threshold are assigned to another transporter. This approach fulfills the specific requirements of the request. 

Customer Success 

By implementing our solution, the client achieved several key benefits including: 

Automated Shipping & Labeling: Our solution replaced the manual selection of transporters, saving time through process automation. It also eliminated the manual creation of labels for multiple orders, significantly reducing complexity. 

Faster Delivery: Transporters were automatically assigned based on customer location, typically selecting the nearest accessible transporters. This resulted in faster delivery of products. 

Flexible Handling of Multi-Orders: Even when multiple orders were assigned to a single location, our solution easily synced them. Transporters could now efficiently track products based on pin code split, enhancing the customer experience by consolidating deliveries to a single point of contact. 

Key Achievements: 

Reduced manual tasks by 80%

Sped up the shipping process

Way Forward

The integration of eShipz with NetSuite not only simplified the client’s shipping and transportation process but also resulted in hassle-free handling of orders, boosting business operations. This integration marks a significant milestone in WMS (Warehouse Management System) customization, ensuring that customer-placed orders reach their hands in a safer and faster way. 
Are you confident that your products are being delivered accurately and efficiently? If you’re seeking an intelligent transition for your business operations, look no further. Our expert team at Jobin & Jismi is ready to assist you. Feel free to reach out to discuss your specific needs.