Inventory Lot Details Auto Updation


Automatically update inventory lot details in the inventory detail record for every item on sales order transactions. Inventory lot should be taken in ascending order. Inventory auto-update includes the update of inventory details in Netsuite.

Our Client is a US based industry leaders in Edible Insect Movement. They use bin numbers to track inventory items in bins by showing the quantity on hand for each bin. The Inventory details also include inventory lot number, quantity, quantity on hand etc. Using Netsuite functionalities we can update the inventory details in Netsuite. We can use Saved searches to fetch data from Netsuite records.
We present this custom functionality with NetSuite inventory management. If a business needs to optimize their stock levels, supply chain etc with NetSuite ERP, they can make use of this functionality. And we can do this with the help of our NetSuite developers and they are having deep knowledge in Inventory management.


As per the desired business process, the NetSuite should update inventory details of the selected item when a sales order comes in place. Our client wanted to able to save a sales order with inventory details on the item sublist. They needed an inventory lot allocation that always follows in ascending order of inventory lot numbers.

Challenges of Inventory Lot Details Auto Updation

Generating dummy data of inventory was the first job of our team.  We can not save sales orders without the dummy value and that may result in difficulties in the updating process.

Our solution for Inventory Lot Details Auto Updation

This process updates the inventory details of the sales order when saving a transaction. During the implementation, our expert team loads sales order records by using NetSuite suite scripts. The update process uses the saved search functionalities of NetSuite and takes the inventory detail records line- count.

Inventory lot allocation always in ascending order. When an item line is set up without the inventory details, after saving the transaction the script will list all the inventory lots available for items in ascending order of inventory lot number. Also after the allocation process, total inventory details are updating in the corresponding location.


Our NetSuite customization team developed the Lot detail Updating of Inventory in Netsuite. The overall result is to generate a sales order by selecting the required fields like name and location.  We have then added item name and quantity on the item sublist and saved the sales order. After saving the sales order, the script will trigger and automatically allocate inventory details of the items added into the sublist based on the quantity required and location selected.

Another result is that saving the sales order the inventory details will allocate automatically following the ascending order of lot numbers. The lot number format is “YYDDMM”. Our development team achieved this update process successfully.