Does NetSuite Make Customer Order Approval on SCA Website Easier?

HealthCare | USA


Client Portfolio

Jobin & Jismi was approached by a USA-based medical equipment distribution firm seeking an effective order approval system. Their goal was to facilitate easier and faster approval of buyers' orders. With 2,000 vendor relationships and over 350,000 products, they have established themselves as a one-stop-shop in the therapy sector. 

Problem Statement

Our client faced a critical challenge in their workflow, as they lacked a streamlined order approval system on their SuiteCommerce Advanced (SCA) website. Approvers were unable to efficiently monitor and approve orders listed, and no notifications were in place to alert them of pending tasks. Additionally, there was a lack of predefined limits for individual approvers, leading to potential discrepancies in the approval process. The existing system required approvers to navigate NetSuite to check and approve orders, causing inefficiencies in the workflow. 

What We Suggested

To address these challenges, we proposed a comprehensive solution that transformed the order approval process. Our solution included the following key components:

1. Enhanced Visibility:

Approvers can now conveniently view all pending orders directly through their accounts on the SCA website.

Notifications have been integrated, ensuring that approvers are promptly informed when new orders are placed by buyers. 

2. Approval Limits: 

Unique approval limits have been set for each approver, allowing managers and administrators to approve orders within specified amount ranges. 

The flexibility to configure these limits for multiple approvers within NetSuite ensures a tailored and efficient approval process. 

3. Dynamic Approver Assignment: 

Approvers are dynamically assigned based on checkboxes added to customer profiles in NetSuite. 

Administrators have the authority to grant or revoke approval permissions, providing flexibility and control over the approval hierarchy. 

4.Order Modification: 

Approvers can now edit order details, including quantities and items.

5.Email Notifications: 

Approvers receive email notifications when buyers place orders, facilitating real-time awareness and responsiveness. 

In case of rejection, approvers can add reasons for rejection, and automated emails are sent to buyers, ensuring transparent communication on order status. 

Customer Success

By implementing our solution, the client achieved several key benefits which include: 

Easy Verification: Approvers experienced a notable increase in efficiency by directly verifying and approving orders through the SCA website. 

Expediting the Approval Process: With predefined approval limits, orders within specific ranges are automatically directed to corresponding approvers, eliminating the need to review the entire list. 

Enhanced Communication: Buyers and approvers benefited from improved communication. Automated notifications are sent at the time of order placement, facilitating efficient approval or rejection processes. 

Key Achievements

Reduced manual tasks by 40%  

Sped up the approval process 

Way Forward 

The implementation of the order approval system improved the approval process in the selling platform of the American firm, resulting in faster delivery. Since both approvers and buyers receive notifications about the status of orders, the chance of missing the placed orders is eliminated. 

Do you like this approval process? Are you interested in implementing it in your industry to increase sales flow without the hassle of complex approval workflows? Feel free to reach out to Jobin & Jismi’s expert team to discuss your specific needs. We are ready to assist you.