Tackling UOM Disparity in Intercompany Transactions in NetSuite


Client Portfolio 

Among our clients from diverse backgrounds is an India-based exporter of dried fruits and nuts. They began operations in 2005 as a wholesale dealer and later expanded by adopting technology. Their products include roasted almonds and pistachios as well as raisins and spicy okra chips among others.  

They adopted a technology named bactopure to become India's leading brand in terms of maintaining hygiene and purity. They use the latest technology to ensure that their products are completely free from hazardous bacteria.  

They have an effective global network which takes their products to 30 countries. They also import the most delectable nuts and dried fruits at an affordable price for the Indian markets.  

Problem Statement

As one of the leading wholesalers of nuts and dried fruits in India, they must deal with complicated business processes. To streamline their business operations, they wisely chose NetSuite ERP 

They approached Jobin & Jismi to implement Oracle NetSuite. During the process, they identified a few areas that required customization.  

One of their subsidiaries deals with the packaging of nuts and dry fruits. There is another one that procures the dry fruits from the manufacturer.  

Since both subsidiaries are functioning on NetSuite, intercompany transactions are taking place. But here lies the problem. The unit of measure (UOM) of the company packaging the dried fruits and nuts is kilograms. On the other hand, the retail subsidiary goes with pieces.    

While NetSuite permits intercompany transaction UOM mapping conversion is not possible. This was a pain point for the client. They had difficulty in calculating the product quantity. It also resulted in sales data mismatch.  

Their manual conversion using a predefined conversion matrix was time consuming and prone to errors. They had to spend many resources and money daily to tackle this issue.  

The client wanted us to find a way to create the purchase order in pieces. It had to happen when one created the sales order in kilograms.  

This enables them to purchase in pieces and sell in kilograms.

What We Suggested

Jobin & Jismi ‘s experts customized NetSuite to fulfil this requirement. Our team gladly embraced this opportunity to support this fabulous business and its ambitious vision. We helped them by providing the following services.   

We rapidly formulated a solution after thoroughly analyzing the requirement and business processes of the client. Using a proprietary method, our developers customized a form in the PO for intercompany transactions. Using this method, our experts developed two other solutions in the transaction forms.  

This enabled the intercompany transactions in two UOMs in pieces and kilograms. Thus, our professionals successfully fulfilled the requirement of the client with real-time accessibility.  

The major obstacle was the fact that any changes to the existing system is impossible. Although setting up a new system was an easy option, major transactions took place in the existing system.  

Therefore, one had to maintain the system without making any changes. Our professionals mitigated this risk by creating a demo solution and simulated how it functions. The client also gave us their valuable suggestions and specific requirements.

Our multiple member team successfully completed the customization in less than a month.  

Customer Success

Through our excellent consultation, they enjoyed additional benefits:  

Earlier they required a team of resources to manually convert the UOM of more than 5000 items. Customization made the conversion possible within minutes using a minimum number of resources.

The client gained insight into the profit and loss report availability in NetSuite. In addition, they figured out how to use it effectively in future business processes  

Grasped the ability to forecast profit and loss in business. They were also able to increase their ROI 

Before NetSuite, they were using systems including HDPOS, Tally, and Uniware which necessitates extra effort and time. Now, NetSuite has brought all processes such as accounting, inventory and financials on a single platform  

Formation of purchase orders creates sales orders simultaneously.

The firm can now save time and resources spent on all these processes for other high priority activities. This enhances productivity and sales.

Jobin & Jismi’s NetSuite customization helped the client enhance productivity and sales. 

They can now streamline operations and continue their success journey.

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