Maximizing Retail Productivity through NetSuite POS Integration

Food & Beverage | Iran


Client Portfolio

One of our clients is an Iran-based food products manufacturer and retailer having supermarkets in multiple countries. They approached us to integrate their point-of-sale system (POS) with NetSuite. 

The POS system is important for daily business, recording every transaction. The company required an efficient system for managing purchases and tracking finances. This was necessary because of the firm's numerous branches and daily high volume of purchases.

Problem Statement

Efficiently tracking client orders is vital for business insights. Imagine being unable to record transactions and missing out on crucial data like order data and customer information. Our client faced challenges aligning their POS system’s purchase amounts with NetSuite records. The POS system, pivotal for sales tracking and generating invoices, posed synchronization issues across subsidiaries, resulting in amount discrepancies and low levels of efficiency.

What We Suggested

Upon order completion, the system synchronizes orders with NetSuite, generating associated records. We can make cash sale records for one subsidiary and invoices for another, based on what the client wants. The system also generates Return Authorization records for customer returns, and it follows a scheduled timeline.  

The various processes of this integration include:  

Revamping the Existing Process:

Addressing previous issues, we thoroughly reviewed and proposed a new integration process, resolving order sync and amount mismatch challenges.

Cash Sale and Invoice Creation:

Automated synchronization of POS orders with NetSuite generates Cash Sale and Invoice records. They make use of existing products and customer data for smooth record creation.  

Verifying Synced Orders:

The POS system marks synced orders after cross-referencing with NetSuite. The software flags unsuccessful syncs along with errors for resolution. This ensures accurate order syncing upon issue resolution.


If products or customers are missing in Oracle NetSuite, orders and record creation won’t proceed. We store these details in a custom record for quick error access. We provide an option for manual resolution through CSV import to update multiple items or information in NetSuite. This facilitates easy sorting.

Customer Success

By implementing our solution, the client achieved several key benefits including:

Accurate Data Synchronization:  

Removed discrepancies in order records, ensuring accurate financial transactions
Improved overall data integrity across the POS and NetSuite systems. 

Enhanced Error Resolution:

Promptly identified and resolved errors, minimizing disruptions.

Increased efficiency in handling missing products or customer data. 

Optimized Return Process:

Improved RMA creation process, enabling smoother product returns.

Enhanced visibility into return transactions for better decision-making.

Key Achievements:

Reduced manual tasks by 80%

Resolved amount discrepancies in orders.  

• Enhanced the syncing process, speeding up record creation.  

Way Forward

The NetSuite – Point of Sale integration made order management easier and ensured smooth handling of invoices and sales records. This integration helps the retail industry by tracking and monitoring customer orders for improved business operations.  

If you’re seeking an intelligent transition for your business, look no further. Our expert team is ready to assist you. Feel free to reach out to discuss your specific needs.