NetSuite Acuity Integration


Acuity is an online scheduling software that helps a client to book appointments and manage meetings. With the help of Acuity scheduling software, clients can easily view real-time availability and choose their convenient time for appointments.  The application controls your availability 24/7, organizes your schedule, and organizes client information by providing forms to clients while booking appointments.


One of our US-based clients in the medical sector approached us to get an effective solution that integrates NetSuite with Acuity to maintain all the booking of appointments in their firm.  Ease of scheduling appointments, collection of details of the patients, and managing the cancelation of appointments were the important factors to consider for this client’s needs. This case study describes how experts of Jobin & Jismi, met customer requirements by integrating Acuity with NetSuite.


Our client required NetSuite Acuity integration to manage all the appointment bookings. They needed to sync contact data and web demo data from Acuity to NetSuite. Contact data is the information about the customer who books an appointment in Acuity and web demo data is a custom form that contains the information about the time of scheduling an appointment and other details needed by the client from the customer.

The goal of the integration

1. Sync of contact data from Acuity to NetSuite.
2. Sync of web demo data from Acuity to NetSuite.

Our experts in Jobin & Jismi populated two scripts to sync data from Acuity to NetSuite. With the help of the scripts, data is synced at regular intervals of time. A script is scheduled once a day and during that API fetches information from Acuity to NetSuite.

On the completion of the script execution,  the contact data and web demo data from Acuity are synched to NetSuite and checked with NetSuite data. Then, the contact is created in NetSuite and their related web demo data of the contact is also saved under it. Additionally, the updates in web demo data from Acuity are also made in NetSuite after the execution of the scripts.

Challenges and Solutions

Our development team made the right solutions for the challenges, to meet the requirements of the clients in the integration of Acuity and Netsuite. Updating the cancellation and rescheduling of appointments in Acuity to NetSuite was a challenging task. 

With the help of the scheduled script, the status of the appointments in Acuity is checked, and inactive appointments are deleted from the NetSuite contact data. Additionally, every rescheduled appointment is updated in proper intervals of time and all other earlier appointments are deleted from NetSuite.


Jobin & Jismi have successfully completed the NetSuite – Acuity Integration. Our client is satisfied with the data sync from Acquity to NetSuite. The integration enables the easy processing of appointments made through Acquity and helps to automate the whole process. 

With this integration, the updates and cancellations made in the appointments of Acuity software are synced to NetSuite, which makes the firm more efficient and improves time management.

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