NetSuite ChannelAdvisor Integration


NetSuite ChannelAdvisor integration offers a cloud-based platform for retailers and manufacturers to manage E-commerce efficiently. Our client wanted us to integrate both platforms to accelerate the speed of E-commerce business transformation.  

 Integrating external e-commerce applications to NetSuite ERP can ensure automatic order management and refunding processes in an optimized way. This integration will help our client to enhance sales and fulfillment rate. It also provides them with a better marketing environment.  

Online market Places and digital marketing channels can automatically manage online selling processes. Integration will sync the orders in ChannelAdvisor and NetSuite in real time.  

As a result, refunding the ChannelAdvisor orders from NetSuite is possible. It also provides the utmost time-saving experience. In the end, retailers can easily manage data exchange between Netsuite and Channeladvisor.  


One of our clients wanted an effective solution to synchronize ChannelAdvisor and Netsuite ERP in real-time. This provides an efficient mechanism for refunding the ChannelAdvisor order from the NetSuite ERP.  

The main purpose of the integration is to make sure that all NetSuite products reflect in all marketplace listings. The system updates the information each time there is change affecting the order or order refund.  

Finally, the automatic synchronization of integrations achieves this objective. 

Challenges of Integration of NetSuite ERP with ChannelAdvisor

Matching the ChannelAdvisor and NetSuite ERP tax rate was the main challenge we faced. Another challenge was in synchronizing the key for authentication purpose. Pushing all the data to and from NetSuite and channel advisor was a tedious effort. Synchronizing all the information in a specified time interval also exacerbated the challenge. 

Our solution to integrate Netsuite with ChannelAdvisor

To satisfy all client requirements our developer team used REST request in ChannelAdvisor side and Suitelets in NetSuite Side. Integration was possible with the REST request connection of NetSuite and ChannelAdvisor servers.  

Our solution pushed the full catalog of inventory, quantity and price updates. It pulled new orders and even sent tracking numbers and shipping status from NetSuite to ChannelAdvisor. The system sends this in regular intervals.  

Integration synchronization takes place in regular intervals so that the data on both platforms is correct.   


Our expert offshore NetSuite development team developed an integrated solution. It encompassed the order delivery and order confirmation along with an inventory feed. This permits the ChannelAdvisor system to promote our client’s business activities across a wide variety of platforms.  

They were able to accomplish real-time Data synchronization between NetSuite ERP and ChannelAdvisor.  

Integrated solution assists our client to streamlines products and order data exchange between the two platforms.  

Our client can expand the business and can switch flexibly between NetSuite ERP and ChannelAdvisor by using our integration. The integrated solution manages their product listings, stock availability, pricing, search terms, data analytics, and other e-commerce functions 

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