How NetSuite Automates Dispatch Track With Delivery Scheduler


Client Portfolio

A prestigious home appliances company approached Jobin & Jismi for NetSuite customization services to automate NetSuite and dispatch track using a custom page called Delivery Scheduler. They guarantee reasonable costs and excellent customer service. With over 80 brands and hundreds of appliances on display, their business is reaping success in northern California. 

This firm is your one-stop store for anything you need at home!  

Founded in 1964 and headquartered in Hayward, California, the company not only assists you in customizing your buying experience, but also offers fastest delivery and installation. Many of their appliances might be delivered the following day or whenever it is most convenient for their consumers. You can just sit back and unwind. The firm has your back and will be there for you today and in the future. 

Appliances, delivery, installation, customer service, sales guidance, guaranteed low pricing, unique rebates, home appliances, and appliance services are among their specializations. 

Problem Statement

Our client appealed to automate NetSuite and dispatch track using a bespoke website named Delivery Scheduler. They wanted to be able to establish transaction records (sales orders, RMAs, and transfer orders) in both NetSuite and Dispatch Track. Dispatch tracking software fetches all information pertaining to the dispatch, transportation, and delivery of items. Stakeholders such as logistics teams access this information via cloud-based servers and data centers to monitor the entire process and issue real-time alerts and notifications to the clients. 

To maintain effective and efficient delivery operations, dispatch tracking optimizes delivery routes while giving total visibility between important stakeholders such as customers, vendors, and logistics partners. 

Hence, users have to manually enter the same data in many systems at the same time, and there is no automation. For the firm, this was a major issue in their business operation. 

When you place an order in NetSuite by choosing an item and clicking a button, it must also be made in the dispatch track. Additionally, any changes in the dispatch track should be reflected in NetSuite. Observing this as a major challenge, they wished to automate the dispatch track as well as NetSuite. 

Our client has both multiple and shared routes. They have a list of orders to deliver each day. There are minor differences in the quantities. Earlier, they had to track each order manually, which took hours. After scheduling an order, the firm must alter it and manually calculate the items. These are some of the challenges they faced. 

What We Suggested

The specialists at Jobin & Jismi reviewed the company’s needs and came out with a perfect plan. 

Our experts recommended creating a new page named Delivery Scheduler. Delivery scheduling is the process of determining details of deliveries including types of orders and locations. 

When employing several deliveries for a single sales order, sales quote, or purchase order, delivery schedules allow you to track order line quantity.  

We divided the routes into shared routes and automated them using the maximum threshold. With NetSuite, a custom page is created for scheduling delivery. All goods in the sales order are displayed on that particular page. By ticking the checkbox, the client can specify which items they want to purchase together, so that only the checked items are sent to the dispatch track and an order gets placed. NetSuite updates these order details. 

When changes are made in the dispatch track, details such as route and delivery date are all updated in NetSuite. If they want to cancel the order in NetSuite, they can do so by clicking the cancel button on the dispatch track. 

As a result, they can use Delivery Scheduler to handle both NetSuite and dispatch track. 

Our experts encountered an issue in managing shared routes, but they resolved it by employing a capacity calendar. It includes the maximum order to deliver as well as information about the recently created order. 

Customer Success

Implementing an ideal business plan and developing useful interactions with customers increase business and revenue. An organization succeeds when both aspects are adequately regulated. Jobin & Jismi’s judicious involvement has resulted in numerous benefits for the client. Our assistance aided them to: 

Avoid hiring a separate team to run the dispatch track and NetSuite 

Save a significant amount of time

Access reports from NetSuite

Use NetSuite for providing daily delivery updates and earning statistics in the dispatch track 

Scrap use of excel sheets to compare NetSuite and the dispatch track 

Improve and enhance their productivity and ROI 

Become more versatile and innovative in their industry 

Interestingly, an efficient delivery scheduler helps in the optimization of business operations in the following ways: 

Ensures that products are delivered on time and in the proper order.

This improves customer satisfaction, reduces complaints, and avoids misunderstandings and errors during the delivery process.

Boosts the effectiveness of the delivery procedure. This results in lower total shipping and transportation costs. 

It enhances communication between shipper and carrier. This reduces misconceptions and delays.

Hence, using Delivery Scheduler, Jobin and Jismi assisted the client in automating NetSuite and dispatch track.