NetSuite Dotdigital Integration



One of our UK- based customers’, a wine and distilled spirits wholesaler, required integration of dotdigital with NetSuite. The discontinuation of Bronto (Customer Relationship Management tool) led them to move on to dotdigital, an omnichannel marketing solution for business-to-consumer, business-to-business and not-for-profit marketers.This case study describes how experts of Jobin & Jismi, met customer requirements by integrating dotdigital with NetSuite.


Our client asked for a two-way integration  between dotdigital and NetSuite in order to sync customer and order data. Additionally, the customer sync should have the email campaign preference.

Steps Involved

Our client’s main focus were:
1. Sync customer data between NetSuite and dotdigital.
2. Sync order data from NetSuite to dotdigital.
3. Sync historical data from NetSuite to dotdigital.

Since dotdigital is not offering any direct integration app or plugins, inclusion of scheduled scripts or user events helped in the integration. Data migrated to dotdigital offers methods for fetching contact details and transactional email details.

Our development team populates the unique dotdigital ID of the customers from dotdigital to NetSuite with scripts. These dotdigital IDs are unique for each customer. The edit and creation of new customers in IDs are automatically reflected from NetSuite to dotdigital. The modifications in the data fields in the dotdigital are also automatically reflected in the NetSuite within 15 minutes of the edit. 

A two way access ensures ‘customer to customer sync’  in NetSuite and dotdigital. The customer data from NetSuite is synced to contact in dotdigital with the use of scripts. 

The sales order created in the NetSuite is reflected under the field Insight Data in the corresponding customer’s dotdigital account. All existing data from NetSuite is transferred to dotdigital as a one time setup. Additionally, the user updates of a transaction on Netsuite is reflected in a dotdigital account and it is a one way process.

Challenges and Solution

Our development team considered all possible error scenarios beforehand and configured a solution that best fit the requirements. Thus we were able to provide the  client with the best solution that perfectly fit their unique business needs. Dotdigital included the customer details, transaction data and the old records. The developers are restricted from the sync in real time as the API can fetch based on a given date. Therefore, data sync from dotdigital to NetSuite is done on regular intervals of time.


The NetSuite integration with dotdigital is successful. Our client now enjoys the benefits of the integration.

The key elements in the NetSuite-dotdigital integration are:

• Customer details sync at regular intervals.

• Two-way access to NetSuite and dotdigital

• Sync of order data and older records.

• Changes that occur in NetSuite directly reflect in dotdigital through real-time integration.

If you need help with NetSuite integration, Jobin & Jismi has the expertise to provide a seamless and efficient integration experience. Contact us at to learn more about our NetSuite integration services.