NetSuite Google Map Integration


One of our Australian clients had a custom requirement in NetSuite. The client asked for an efficient journey planning mechanism through which their sales representatives could plot adjacent customers on a map thus optimizing their time and energy otherwise spent on locating these customers one by one spread over a geographic area.


One of the key challenges that our team solved through the integration was the “Journey Planning of a salesman”. Our client had customers spread across Australia and they required us to create a custom setting in NetSuite where the sales representative can view potential customers in a single view on the map. With the help of a visual representation of the customers in a geographical area, they can easily find the optimum route. 

Integration Process

Our developers initiated the process by creating a custom suitelet for filtering customers. This allows the client (user) to assign tasks to the sales representatives based on the prerequisites set by the client. For example, location, customer category. 

In a new suitelet page, the user can access all the selected customers plotted on a MAP with all the preset parameters. Further, the user can select all the customers in a certain geographical area by drawing a rectangle. This will further facilitate the filtering of all users spotted in that particular area. 

Our development team also added another custom action where the journey details of these sales representatives are stored including the customer details. The said data can be further utilized to make reports that will help the management analyze the statistics clearly.


The NetSuite-Google Map integration vastly benefited our client as their Sales representatives are now equipped with a visual representation of their customers’ geographical area. This simply eliminates the challenge of looking up individual customers thus saving time and effort of our client’s resources. 

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