How a Battery Maker Benefited from NetSuite Implementation Rescue


Client Portfolio

One of the largest battery providers in the United States is specializing in revolutionary low-cost energy solutions. Their primary goal is to deliver affordable and sustainable energy solutions around the globe.

Energy generation has become relatively economical, but energy storage remains expensive. The high cost of batteries prevents widespread adoption of sustainable and renewable energy options. Our customer’s objective is to supply the highest-quality batteries at the lowest possible cost in order to aid in the widespread adoption of today’s future looking green energy solutions.

They went live since September 2022 with NetSuite Financials. NetSuite financial management solutions help to speed up everyday financial activities, reduce budgeting and forecasting process times, assure compliance, and hasten financial close. NetSuite delivers a proven solution to respond to market trends and scale quickly as the business grows. NetSuite’s current technology makes it the best software for running ERP, CRM, financials, and ecommerce. It improves productivity, visibility, and insight across the enterprise. 

Problem Statement

Our client has gone through certain pain points when configurations were done improperly, and system roles were not uniquely defined. Users were not tagged with the right roles. They were ignorant of NetSuite’s ready-to-use shipping method integration and ready to use reports. NetSuite’s overall strengths were unknown to the client. On the migration front, they had disparate legacy systems to convert, including Quickbooks, HubSpot, Tally, and ShipStation, and there were manual interventions between the systems. As a result, there was a mix-up, and revenues were posted in the wrong Chart of Accounts. 

What we suggest

The experts at Jobin & Jismi thoroughly researched the requirements, created a business requirement document, and mapped the system gaps against the business requirements. Upon customer approval, our experts plunged into action, starting with the basics.  

Their strategy was to leverage NetSuite’s strengths to meet the requirements of the customer. Over and above requirements were only considered for customization. We set the role name and tagged the users with the right roles as per the definition. Our specialists defined the roles and assigned users to the appropriate positions based on the definitions. We cleansed the Chart of Accounts with the right definitions for clarity and deployed NetSuite standard integration as required. Workflows were designed and implemented as per the customer’s current needs. We worked with the customer to remove incorrect chart of accounts entries from the legacy system. Customer provided the rightfully cleansed quality data for us to migrate to the new NetSuite system. 

Customer Success

The client’s requirement was met effectively. We, Jobin & Jismi could bring in a clear return on their investments. Some noteworthy points are listed below. 

Customer could leverage on the NetSuite product investments to the fullest with minimum customizations loaded.

 The basics of Chart of Accounts and People roles / responsibilities were established clearly in the system, which in turn brought in sanity and agility.

Deployed standard integrations from NetSuite and avoided any unnecessary custom connections.

Helped Customer to come up to speed from the legacy data and going live with the complete required data to run the business entirely on NetSuite.

We could simplify and standardize their business operations.

Thus, Jobin and Jismi brought value to customer’s business by making most of their NetSuite investments and simplifying business procedures to become an agile organization.