NetSuite Paypal Integration


NetSuite offers flexible and important functionalities to meet a variety of requirements. NetSuite integration connects the front and back end systems easily and it helps to accelerate the growth of an organization. Jobin &  Jismi is doing Paypal integration with NetSuite Cloud ERP.

Oracle NetSuite – the leader in on-demand business management software, is integrated with Paypal to operate in online payments. Paypal is an international online payment process that supports businesses. This system offers many advantages for online merchants. It helps to transfer money online. NetSuite makes it possible to deliver the best method for the online shopping experience. Paypal payment is an easier and safer way to pay online. Payment buttons allow you to accept debit card, credit card, and Paypal payments in a secure way.


During the requirement analysis phase, our integration team dig into the issues and make a better understanding of its challenges. Our client needs to accept credit card payment for RMSA customers through a link shared with their invoices. They require to send invoices with a ‘Make Payment button’, using which the RMSA customers can pay by the use of their credit cards.

Challenges of Paypal Integration

One of the major challenge during the implementation was API version change. When a version comes to its maximum capacity, then comes the need for a new version. Paypal recommends using the latest versions of API as possible. Another difficulty was an insufficiency of metadata. Which describes the data about other data.

Our Solution for Paypal Integration

Jobin & Jismi provides a solution to achieve our client’s goal. Firstly, our team designed a PDF template for the RMSA customers. In this phase, our team updates the invoice template send from NetSuite, so that it will provide the users ‘ Make Payment’ button to make payments. Our team attaches these PDF templates to the required transaction form as a print template. When an invoice generates from this form, we get an invoice PDF with the ‘Make Payment’ button on that. By clicking on this button, it redirects to the payment page of Paypal. Furthermore, this page leads the customers to enter the credit card details and make payment.

In phase two, our team starts with the creation of the payment window in NetSuite environment. User redirects to this page from the invoice PDF ‘Make Payment’ button. The page loads the information from the invoice. They include invoice number, subsidiary, invoice created to date, opening balance, tax total, transactional discount, subtotal and currency. A ‘Pay with Paypal’ button is placed on the payment page. So that the user can continue with the payment by clicking on that button. Once the payment is made successfully, the user gets an alert.

Paypal integration allows multiple currency payments. Currency type takes from invoices in NetSuite. First, the transaction, records in Paypal and then it saves invoice number, total amount and subsidiary. While doing the implementation our team uses a suitelet suitescript functionality of NetSuite. As a result, this script loads the Paypal payment page.


NetSuite integration requires deep knowledge in NetSuite functionalities and there should exist professional intelligence along with product quality. Jobin & Jismi has done a number of integrations as per our client’s requirements. Our Paypal integration solution provides end-to-end online transaction at real-time visibility to our Client.

Our expert team did Paypal integration in a successful way. When a payment occurs in Paypal, that transaction is got recorded in the NetSuite. Also, we add the Paypal invoice ID to NetSuite invoice record. Therefore, when the payment processes then the invoice status changes to ‘PAID’. Also, this payment registres to undeposited account. After the payment has completed, the user gets a confirmation alert regarding the payment status. By clicking ‘ok button, the screen redirects to the invoice PDF.

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