Netsuite Personio Integration


Most business entities today, looking for a better platform to migrate, for enhancing their business functions from complex to simple. Our client is using two systems for their business activities, Personio and NetSuite. They wanted to integrate Personio with NetSuite. Personio is a Human Resource (HR) operating system, used in giving assistance in the following HR processes.

1. Recruitment.

2. Management.

3. Development.

The client is using NetSuite #1 cloud ERP for their back-end financial operations and which caused the emerging need to integrate the data in both systems.


In precision, Our client is required to create a significant correspondence between data in NetSuite  and Personio, for enhancing efficiency in management. As they recently began to use Personio, but their backend business activities are still taking place in NetSuite . So it arose the need for integrating Personio with NetSuite . With this integration, they wanted  to reflect integrated changes in both the systems simultaneously. 

For adhering to the integration of Personio and NetSuite, we were assigned to integrate the following employee records in NetSuite:

  • Subsidiary
  • Department 
  • Class/division
  • Sales 
  • Active/inactive employees

The notion is being set as if they wanted to make changes in Personio it should reflect on NetSuite, excluding the mentioned changes in the following denominations subsidiary, class/division, department, sales, active/inactive employees or for external employees and they are peculiar on creating the same for internal employees. Therefore which makes it easier for the admin to get a more specific view of this reflected changes in NetSuite. Hence we should integrate Personio with NetSuite .

Our expert team with their previous knowledge and experience used Map-Reduce script to identify the data mismatching, hence which needed for the normalization of data and addressing the requirements. With the execution of Map-reduce script, all the requirements have been addressed with desired outputs. 


Challenges in NetSuite and Personio integration

Our expert team at Jobin & Jismi faced several challenges in the  integrate Personio with NetSuite. The identifiable hindrances for the successful execution of this project was the available mass data inputs for the integration.  And this particular situation, which does not allow a  direct mapping due to the mismatching details of employees in both the systems. These emerging challenges were addressed carefully. The mass data inputs from the client was not an easy task to process with. We used Map-reduce instead of using a scheduled script as the situation does not support direct mapping. 


Always an expert solution is an efficient response to address emerging problems. Here for addressing the integration of  Personio with NetSuite, we decided to  use the Map Reduce script, for scheduling and updating data in both the systems. Our team scheduled the same at 12.30 pm and runs daily twice every 12 hours to retrieve all employee details and statuses. With additional functions to update this data in NetSuite based on the response from API call. 

Our NetSuite experts created a custom record for the inactive customers as for a more reliable output for the significance of adding the inactive employees in NetSuite. This initiated idea can bring authenticity to the client operating system during the process of  integrating Personio with NetSuite.


Result of integrating Personio with Netsuite

NetSuite Integration team of Jobin & Jismi successfully integrated the HR operating system Personio with NetSuite.  The employee record data with different conditions in the Personio as Department, class/division, Subsidiary, active/inactive employees and had integrated this employee to Presonio from NetSuite successfully with the help of Map-reduce Script. Our client experienced exceptional  benefits from our expert and value oriented services.

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